What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Lion?

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: December 8, 2021  

Protection, strength, bravery, and power are just some things a lion represents. 

As scary, entertaining, and even relaxing as dreaming can be, dreams mirror your experiences to help your subconscious process events happening in your life. Dreams help us store memories, file thoughts, and feelings, and help you grow as an individual. 

In a spiritual aspect, it is said that dreams are the reflection of your life to allow you to process your own path. Each dream is subjected to the individual and is meant to be interpreted based on what makes sense for the dreamer. 

What Does a Lion Represent in Dreams

Has there been a significant change in your life recently? Did you take on a lead role, start your own business, become engaged, or even find out you were having a baby? 

Lions represent power, royalty, pride, and dominance. So, having dreams about lions represents the feelings you have behind the change in your life role. 

Each dream is personalized for the individual, so what do you imagine when you think about what a lion means to you? Are you terrified, or do lions give you strength? 

Since the early ages of man, lions represented royalty and power as they were viewed as “King of Beasts.” To see a lion in your dream depends on what is happening in your life and what the lion means to you. 

The Spiritual Symbolism of a Lion

In the zodiac table, Leo represents a lion figure. The characteristics of a Leo are confidence, attention-seeking, ambition, protection, and loyalty, among other traits. 

Lions pertain to the solar plexus chakra or third chakra energy in spirituality. These chakras are about self-expression, awareness, and manifestation. 

When you see a lion in your waking life (as a sign) or a dream, it is meant to bring you the power of creativity to obtain the energy and confidence to succeed in your aspirations. 

Essentially, the lion brings leadership and courage. So, the sign tells you not to back down and continue your path with strength. 

Dreaming of Lions - Different Scenarios & Its Meanings

Since your dreams are a reflection of your waking life, any dream of a lion is a sign telling you what to do or what you are doing, which is almost always a good sign. 

A lion may appear to you in different scenarios. Here, I’ll dissect the most common dreams about lions and what they likely signify in your life.

Dream About a Lion Chasing You

To dream of a lion chasing you signifies feelings about yourself that you genuinely feel insecure about responsibility or a new role in your waking life. 

You are underestimating your ability to take control of a situation that is happening in your waking life. 

A lion chasing you means that you feel anger towards a situation or person that you can not gain control over. 

Your dream is trying to tell you to slow down and regain control and confidence given your waking life’s situation. Tap into your inner strength and command dominance.

Dreams About Lions Attacking You

There is someone in your life who is not what they seem. 

Getting attacked by a lion signifies your inner power warning you about the company you keep and the choices you are making, 

Something is bothering you or holding you back, bringing forth anger and resentment. 

Have you been ignoring your inner thoughts or pushing aside your instinctual feeling about a particular someone? Listen to the feeling you initially felt - otherwise, you may be headed towards a significant downfall. 

Your dream tells you to let go of past conflicts, release the negative energy built up inside of you and move forward with your life and aspirations. 

Dream About a Lion in Your House

Have you had a business idea or planned for your future in any way lately?

A lion in your home signifies that your new plan for future success or idea is a good one, and you need to be courageous enough to move forward with this.

Be patient with your idea, and plan all the risks or pros and cons revolving around the idea. 

The lion allows you to move forth and warns you to make a decision based on logic rather than emotion. 

Ensure you have weighed all your options before taking the next step towards success.

Dream About Lions and Tigers

Depending on how your dream played out, dreams about lions and tigers signify luck or misfortune. 

If the tiger and lion were fighting, it means you and your shadow self are not on the same page. You are presenting a facade in public while feeling angry or desperate on the inside. 

If the tiger and lion are lounging while staying calm, you show signs of confidence and peace in your waking life. 

Dream of a Lion Protecting You

The protection from a lion in your dream signifies that you have many supports in your waking life. 

On another note, the lion protecting you can mean that you are finding that controlling your emotions is no easy task. 

If you have neglected your true feelings lately, now is the time to express yourself and reach out to others for guidance and help. 

Dreams About Mountain Lions

Mountain lions symbolize strength, solitude, and peace. To see one in your dream signifies an internal desire to be heard and understood. 

There is too much stress in your life right now, and the mountain lion is coming to you to warn you to slow down or reach out to others around you. 

Only then will you find the strength to push forward and the peace you desperately need. 

What Does it Mean to Kill a Lion in Your Dream?

You are creative, flighty, determined, and ambitious in your waking life. You have many ideas for success and personal growth yet have no plans to get your final destination. 

If you have killed or have seen a lion being killed in your dream, it’s an interpretation that you are stronger and more will-powered than you give yourself credit for. 

Take a moment to focus on what you want and your purpose in life, and focus on accomplishing small goals to get there.

Dreaming of a Calm Lion

To witness a calm lion reflects on the person you are or who you’re becoming.

You are someone who knows what they want and has come to an acceptance with your inner self. 

You are self-assured, charismatic, and essentially on top of the world. You will reach your goals in life.

Dreaming of a Roaring Lion

A roaring lion comes to confident leader-type people in their dreams. The roaring lion signifies that you have the capability and vital energy that others will follow.

Now is the time in your life to take on a risk or start a leadership role, like becoming the head of your family or accepting that manager’s position. 

What Does it Mean to See a Dead Lion in a Dream?

Good change is just around the corner, and it means your anxiety, stress, and hard work to get to where you are is finally over. 

Become open to the idea that you will rise from the ashes and say goodbye to the insecurities that have held you back. 

Within death, you are ready for a new birth. 

Dream Meaning of a Lion in a Cage

The caged lion represents a reflection that some part of you feels trapped or stuck in a never-ending loop in your waking life. 

It’s time to seek a new career or move towards a direction or goal you have wanted for a while now. 

The message is to get unstuck and let yourself out. Become the courageous, independent, and free lion the caged lion is telling you to be. 

Different Lion Dream Meaning

While there are many interpretations of dreaming about the lion and their activities, other dreams include the cubs or lionesses. 

These dreams about lions are more powerful and signify inner strength and feelings that can be going on with you that you may not even know about. 

Each color has a different meaning for dreams as well. For example, blue means calm and tranquility, while red means alarming and caution. 

When you see a colored lion, it may represent your inner feelings about people around you or even become a warning about how people feel about you. 

Take the following interpretations with thought and logic, as each dream means something different for each person and can only signify what you feel individually.

Dream of a Lioness

A lioness in the pride is usually the hunter. Lionesses represent beauty, maternal love, and resilience. On the other hand, they can signify anger, fear, and transformation.

When a lioness comes to you in your dream, it means a strong alpha-female is in your life or will come to your life for protection and guidance. 

On the other hand, it also means that you may take the role of a powerful female, coming forth with new responsibilities and control. 

Be careful, though. The lioness can be warning there is trouble ahead that you will have to be strong for. 

Lion Cub Dream Meaning

Lion cubs represent playfulness, kindness, and innocence. 

There is a new change happening in your waking life currently. With a creative mind, you’ll want to consider planning.

Be patient with your new ideas, as seeing lion cubs means you aren’t ready to move forward yet, as you are just in the growth stage. 

Brown Lion

If you see the color brown in your dream, it may mean comfort, control, and desire. However, a deep shade of brown signifies illness and concern.

A brown lion means there are challenges headed your way but that you have the power to overcome these newcoming obstacles. 

It’s time to prepare for taking control of your life and the possibilities you will manifest in the coming months. 

Golden Lion

Gold translates to royalty, power, and respect. 

Sometime soon - if not already - you are or will be in a position where you can attain power and control over something you have been struggling with.

People are attracted to you because you have the intuitive ability to lead. Now is the time to believe in yourself and strive for leadership. 

White Lion

White means purity, truth, and wholeness. 

Now is the time to become one with your spirituality in your waking life. A white lion represents mental and spiritual health. 

You are ready for success and new beginnings. If you haven’t already, the white lion tells you to start down your spiritual path. Become zen and rid of all negativity in your life. 

Black Lion

Black usually means death and change. It signifies a deeper consciousness that you may be avoiding depression and darkness in your life. Something is not clear in your mind, and you have fallen.

However, to dream of a black lion means there may be some hostility with yourself or someone else in your life. It’s a sign of negative energy enveloping your mind and space. 

At this time, seek what has been bothering you and proceed with others with caution. The black lion is a warning to observe any mistakes you have made.

The best thing you can do is seek guidance from loved ones and surround yourself with positive influences. 

Bottom Line

When it comes to dreams, try not to dwell on the message too much, as each dream can be a reflection of what has happened in your life over the last couple of weeks. 

For example, if you have seen a picture of lions or have talked about lions recently, to then dream of them means your brain is trying to store these thoughts and memories appropriately.

However, if there was no indication of lions being in your waking life, the dream could tell you something important that you need to have an open mind for. 

When interpreting dreams, try to take each perspective with a grain of salt and only become mindful of what the dream truly means to you and your subconscious.