Angel Number 555 Meaning, Symbolism, and its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 3, 2022  
Angel Number 555

Have you been seeing the numbers 555 on license plates, clocks, and TV shows? It could be a message from your guardian angels or the other side!

The spirit world uses seemingly random signs and symbols to communicate with humans and repetitive numbers are one of them. Keep reading to learn about the significance of angel number 555 and its potential meanings.

Angel Number 555 Meaning and Significance

In general, the 555 angel number meaning is one of change. Your guides and angels may be trying to tell you to prepare for upcoming significant changes in your life.

This change could be regarding a new job, the start of a new relationship, or another trigger event that causes you to shift your life’s path.

Remember that all change is neither good nor bad, but neutral. An event that appears to be negative on the surface, such as a job loss, might lead you toward a more meaningful career.

Other events that could appear positive, such as a promotion at work, might lead you to switch careers or organizations. Without the experience of working in a role with more responsibility, you wouldn’t have made the decision to go after what you really wanted. 

Below are some specific examples of the 555 angel number meaning. 

Angel Number 555 in Love and Relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, 555 tends to represent a new start, the freedom to choose a different relationship, or some type of relationship change on the horizon.

You could be about to meet your future partner or a current relationship may reach a conclusion. There’s also the potential that an important relationship issue could come to a close.

For example, you might be at a crossroads with your partner about moving across the country due to a new job offer. The job offer is theirs and you have been concerned about not having one of your own. In the next week, you also get an offer, making the decision easier.

Other things that 555 could signify in love and relationships are an ex-partner resurfacing in your life, buying a home or moving in together with a significant other, or getting married. 

Sometimes 555 doesn’t represent a physical or actual event but more of an emotional or spiritual occurrence. For example, you and your partner might deepen your feelings for each other. Or you might decide you no longer want to be single.

Social Life

In terms of your social life, seeing angel number 555 might mean you’re about to meet someone who will have a significant influence on your life path.

This could represent a forthcoming business partnership or someone who helps you through a serious illness. You might also be getting ready to meet new friends or experience a shift in how you think about your social life in general.

Some people could meet a platonic soulmate soon or someone who helps them discover important things about themselves. Another possibility is that you’ll be reunited with estranged relatives or friends from the past who might come back into your life. 

For instance, maybe you’ve been separated from your father’s side of the family or you’ve been searching for your birth parents. Repeatedly seeing 555 could be a message to prepare for a meeting soon. It might also symbolize the discovery of new, important information.


If you’ve been thinking about changes in your professional life, seeing the number 555 could be a message from your angels and guides to prepare for them. 

For example, you’ve been thinking of applying to colleges in another state to pursue a master’s degree that will change your career trajectory. Seeing 555 on license plates, especially those from that state, might indicate your applications will be successful.

555 is sometimes not only a forewarning to prepare for changes you aren’t initiating, but also a confirmation that those changes you are working toward will manifest.

If you’re in a relationship, sometimes seeing 555 is meant to prepare you for changes in your partner’s professional life that will impact yours. For example, your partner receives a coveted promotion and your household income increases significantly.

This could allow you to cut down on your hours, retire early, or take time off before you launch a home-based business. In some cases, it might even mean you’re going to come into an inheritance that will allow you more freedom and choice in your professional life.

Personal Life

Upcoming changes in your personal life might be preceded by seeing 555 everywhere you turn. Examples of personal life changes are moving to a new residence, healing from an illness, developing a disease, and taking up new hobbies.

Seeing 555 might be a message that you should or need to shift your personal perspectives. You could undergo a personal transformation soon, such as acquiring new spiritual or religious beliefs. 

You may shift your political views or go from being materialistic to a minimalist. In terms of personal life changes, seeing 555 might be a sign you need to take more time for yourself or shift your priorities.

Haven’t been exercising or eating poorly? There might be a wake-up call you’ll experience soon that will change your personal habits. 

The 555 angel number meaning can encompass a wide variety of personal changes. Most of these will involve a combination of gains and losses. Any time you transform your world views and habits, you give up something to gain something else.

Number 555 Symbolism and its Secret

555’s symbolism in numerology is that change and transition are going to happen soon. Angels and guides want you to notice what is happening around you if you’re seeing 555, an important decision could be coming up in the next few days.

By seeing 555, you’ll be alerted to prepare. Making that decision may determine whether you’re able to realize transformation and significant change in your life. 

Looking for a new home? Maybe you’ve narrowed down your choices to 1 or 2 homes but aren’t sure if you should take the plunge and submit an offer. Seeing 555 might be a reminder to submit that offer soon or you’ll lose out on the changes you want. 

What Does 555 Represent?

555 represents a major change is around the corner or the need for you to make a significant change in your life. Some of these changes are events that might seem insignificant at the time but end up playing a major role.

You might get a new boss at work. While that doesn’t seem to have much impact at first, this person ends up advocating for your transition into a new position. This position could be a promotion or a lateral move. Either way, you learn new skills and move into a job you love.

Or seeing 555 represents you should go ahead and make changes you’ve been thinking about. Something is holding you back, whether that’s fear of the unknown or hesitancy about letting go.

Moving to a new town to accept a job offer, for instance, means letting go of what you currently have. This includes your residence, friends, current job, and possibly living near family. You might be unsure of which path will be more beneficial for you in the long run.

Seeing 555 is a message from your angels and guides that it’s okay to change and that the universe will take care of your needs. 

What Does 555 Mean Spiritually?

Spiritually, 555 is a message from the other side. It can serve as guidance or a sign that upcoming changes are going to turn out okay. 555 also means that changes will bring you happiness or fulfillment.

555 serves as a reminder that change is a part of life. No matter what changes you face, the universe will provide as long as you’re acting from a place of love and kindness.

Some people deal with change and transformations easier than others. So, for individuals who don’t like or fear change, 555 might be a sign to embrace it. Don’t be surprised if your angels and guides use 555 to get you to transform the way you think about change. 

The Biblical Meaning of 555

While there isn’t a consistent application of 555 in the Bible, the use of repetitive numbers is seen in the stories of Moses and Abraham. With Moses, 555 is used in the journey to Israel and the tabernacle in the wilderness. 

So, this use of 555 could mean the journey of change. The journey in the story of Moses is both symbolic and literal. The Bible uses 555 in the story of Abraham’s quest to save Sodom from destruction. 

Perhaps 555 is a forewarning of that destruction or a message to change to avoid destruction. 

Readers of the Bible see 555 again in the New Testament, as God condemns people who try to trick him. This could be a call to not be deceptive or face unwelcome changes.    

Reasons You Keep Seeing 555

There are several reasons why you keep seeing 555, such as there’s something in your life you’re not paying attention to. Your guides and angels could be trying to warn you about an event that’s about to happen.

For example, one of your parents might be sick with a terminal illness. Seeing 555 might be a warning that your mom or dad is about to cross. The message isn’t meant to scare you but to help you prepare emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Seeing 555 over and over could be a good luck omen, such as financial or spiritual abundance. It may be a reminder to follow through on a decision you’ve been debating. Unsure if you should quit your job? Seeing 555 all the time at work is a sign you need to make a change.

What Does it Mean When I See 555?

The meaning of 555 is going to be personal and subjective to everyone. Although it usually means your angels and guides are trying to send you a sign about change, what that change entails is individual.

Typically, seeing 555 aligns with whatever changes you’re experiencing in your personal, social, or professional life. It may be a sign that a co-worker is about to turn in their two-week notice and you’ll have to readjust responsibilities on your team.

Seeing 555 could foreshadow a global event such as a natural disaster that affects you or someone in your personal network. It could also be a mention that something or someone new will enter your life soon.

555 Numerology Meaning

By itself, the number 5 is all about the energy of confirmed change in numerology. Repeats of the number 5, such as 555, tend to mean that the wheel of fortune is changing. 

The wheel of fortune or wheel of fate is a symbol numerology and tarot uses it to symbolize the law of cause and effect. The wheel of fortune or rate also symbolizes transition or the start and end of a cycle. 

Usually, the wheel of fortune is a symbol of positive or fruitful change. However, it depends on the individuals involved and the point of view. A twist of fate or the end of a cycle could symbolize something perceived as negative coming to completion.


The 555 angel number meaning and the wheel of fortune symbolism go hand in hand as a transition you should pay attention to and learn from. 

An example might be where you’ve been through financial hardships, such as bankruptcy or the inability to make ends meet. This experience teaches you to have more compassion toward others, especially those who run into “bad luck” with money and live in poverty.

As a result, you work diligently to pay off your debts and start growing your savings. You then start giving back to local residents in need, eventually starting financial literacy courses that help others and volunteering with nonprofits that serve homeless populations.

What appeared to be a negative twist of fate in your life became something positive as you transitioned to your next phase. In this next phase, you’ll experience abundance by helping others and influencing their wheels of fortune.

555 Twin Flame Number

In the spiritual realm, twin flames are a type of soulmate. Twin flames are thought to be the male and female versions of a single entity or soul. When twin flames incarnate on the Earth at the same time, their lives and circumstances will usually mirror the other.

555 as a twin flame number can signify that one person that makes up a twin flame is ready to manifest a physical relationship with the other on Earth. As a twin flame number, 555 could also be saying that you are physically or spiritually near your other half. 

If you’re already in a relationship with your twin flame on Earth, seeing 555 might be a message to show your partner your love and appreciation. Your angels and guides could also be saying that your relationship with your twin flame is in a good place. 

Seeing 555 about a twin flame relationship could verify you’ve made a transition. Perhaps you weren’t having luck finding love or a lasting romantic relationship. The reason might have been because you needed to wait to meet your twin flame and fulfill a soul contract.

Finally, if your twin flame hasn’t incarnated at the same time as you, seeing 555 while a song is playing could be a message from them. Messages can also include scents, colors, and words.


555 is one of many angel numbers you may see pop up on microwave and stove clocks, your computer, store receipts, and license plates. If you keep seeing 555 everywhere you go and look, your guides and angels are probably trying to communicate with you.

They may be telling you to stop and pay attention to changes that are happening in your life or to give you a heads up that you’re about to go through a transition period. Often, these transition periods and changes are neutral in nature.

Change is neither 100% negative nor positive. However, transitions usually bring about positive change and meaning to your life. Seeing 555 could signal changes are about to happen in your love life, career, or personal relationships.

This can include your relationship with yourself and how you see the world. 555 can signal anything from an ex that’s going to come back to a future passing. When you continue to notice the number 555 around you, be prepared for something to shift or change in your life.

Keep in mind that 555 can also foreshadow global or planetary changes that will end up impacting you on a personal level. While you shouldn’t be afraid of change, getting these messages from your angels and guides can help put you in a better position to deal with them. 

When you’re prepared and aware of what’s happening, transition phases can lead you to a path of increased meaning and prosperity.