About Us

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: January 8, 2022  

Here at EverSpiritual, we specialize in what your dreams may mean and how you can take that meaning into your everyday life.

We started this site as a place to share all of our dreams and angel numbers findings. If you glance at any article, we do not skimp on details because there are just so many possibilities for interpreting dreams. 

If you want to know the difference between a dream about a white or a black spider, you will find it. The difference between a lion chasing or protecting you in your dreams? It is all here.

Why Do We Dream?

Woman dreaming

We asked this same question long before we first started interpreting dreams. 

Here is the thing. Despite several decades of research and analysis, no one really knows why we dream. 

Famous psychologists such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud wrote extensively on the significance of dreams. But, of course, other researchers, like G. William Domhoff, say that dreams have no purpose at all.

Still, that has not stopped people all over the world from discussing and interpreting dreams. After all, they come in so many forms. They can tell stories or are just strange slideshows of objects and colors (we have no preference for either one; dreams are interesting either way).

Though dreams may have a scientific explanation, it is interesting to imagine that dreams are also spiritual gifts or messages. Our minds have a lot to sort through every day, and it never hurts to have a little spiritual help when figuring it all out. 

Who Am I?

My name is Lisa Lindquist, the head writer, and creator of EverSpiritual. I have had a lifelong fascination with dreams and their meanings and love discussing them with others.

I also love to write and take notes, particularly on dreams and other things that have spiritual meaning. Sometimes you will see me just sitting on a bench outside, observing the world around me, looking for another angel number.

Although I cannot pinpoint precisely where dreams come from, I think they are full of patterns and symbols that anyone can have fun figuring out.

Animal Dreams and Their Meanings

Specifically, we look at different animal dream meanings. What does it mean when you dream about spiders or frogs? Those answers lie in detailed articles covering every aspect you can imagine for that animal.

Maybe you had a dream about fish, specifically about cooking fish. Or maybe about a fish tank. Though they may both deal with fish, the meaning behind these two dreams is quite different, so explaining their distinct meanings can help decode what is happening in your life.

Although we at Ever Spiritual love everything related to dreams, we should clarify that there is no one true meaning to each type of dream. We simply love the symbolism behind particular objects and events that people commonly dream about.

Angel Numbers

Angel statue

An angel number refers to any number you may see every day in random places. It may be a single number or a whole sequence of numbers that keep popping up. Either way, they may have a significant meaning if you pay attention.

For example, you might buy a cup of your favorite coffee for $2.20, watch a 22-minute episode of your favorite show, and then take a walk later for 22 minutes. In this case, the number 22 keeps appearing throughout your day and might point to an imminent spiritual event.

Angels cannot speak to us the same way we talk to each other. So they can only hint to us when change is coming or when we need a sign of sorts. These numbers can appear for as long as it takes us to realize a change, or they may go away when we do not pay attention.

Our "Angel Numbers" library in the main menu can detail what a sequence of numbers may mean. We will also explain each sequence's significance in the Bible to put the number in context.

A Community of Dreamers

Ever Spiritual is a safe and welcoming place for people to learn about dreams and what their spiritual helpers may be trying to tell them. 

We invite all our visitors to share their interpretations and contact us if you want to discuss further. We would love to continue growing our library of interpretation articles and angel number explanations.

If you see a sequence of numbers and its purpose soon becomes clear to you, feel free to share. You never know what a random string of numbers may mean to you or someone else. You can share your dream meanings or angel numbers by clicking the "Contact" button in the main menu. I am excited to hear from you about your dreams and spiritual experiences. Happy dreaming!