Animal Dream Meaning

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: February 18, 2022  

Animals are often used to describe the feelings, behaviors, traits, and temperaments of people. They are used as symbols and represent sports teams, business brands, and cartoon characters. Animals play a significant role in our daily lives, meaning they are frequently on our minds. 

It is these constant thoughts and frequent interactions that have such a profound effect on our state of mind while we are sleeping, and the animals creeping into those dreams are trying to tell you something. (Or you may be trying to communicate something to yourself.)

Lucid dreams can be a real wake-up call, figuratively and literally, and many times mean much more than you realize. The animals in your dreams are actually a representation or symbolism of your current situation and state of mind. 

You have probably heard phrases such as "I am sick as a dog." or "as quiet as a lamb." These are just a few examples of how often we can relate our lives to minimalist behaviors and can give you a bit of a clue as to why you might dream about them so often.

Types of Animal Dreams

Having animal dreams will take on different meanings depending on the context behind them; however, each animal will provide a specific behavior and invoke a certain feeling.

Animal Attack Dreams

When you dream about being attacked by an animal, it often indicates you are feeling personally attacked or threatened by someone or some position. Maybe your feelings were hurt, or you realized you hurt someone else's feelings. This type of dream may also represent you were confronted with an issue that caused you to feel defensive.

Dreaming About Domesticated Animals

If you find yourself dreaming about your beloved pet or any domesticated animal known to you or not, it could be a representation of responsibility. Maybe an overwhelming feeling of responsibility or a prideful one. Either way, it shows your compassion and strength mentally and emotionally.

Dreaming About Wild Animals

A wild animal dream is a way for you to release your inner emotions and deepest feelings. It is a liberating way to express your inner self when you can't necessarily do it elsewhere.

Animal Dreams Overview

Although it can be difficult to truly understand what your specific animal dream means, especially the more eccentric ones, know that there is a significant symbolism in each and everyone, and when you fully digest what the animals in your dreams represent, you will understand what the dream is trying to say. 

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