Angel Number 55 Meaning, Symbolism and its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 3, 2022  
Angel Number 55

The number 55 contains many hidden energies that bring adventurous change to those who are able to see the signs. With 55 as your angel number, be prepared for exciting change.

Are you ready to manifest freedom, adventure, and spontaneity into your life? The angel number 55 is your new best friend.

Angel Number 55 Meaning and Symbolism

An angel number is considered the number your guardian angel or other spiritual presence is using to communicate and guide you on your path.

By learning to recognize the numbers that are presented to you, it can illuminate the correct choices for you. Especially if you are facing an uncertain time, knowing the meaning of angel numbers can help provide comfort and guidance.

The angel number 55 has a powerful meaning for those who see this on their numerology chart or in their daily lives. 

One of the most common angel numbers people experience is the number 55. Because this number appears to people during important times of their lives, it makes a lasting impression.

The vibrational essence of five is strong and intimately connected to our five senses.

Think about it: you have five fingers and five toes and experience the world with your five senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. 

If you are someone who is knowledgeable about astrology, the number five has a similar energy to the Sagittarius sign. Fun-loving, charismatic, spontaneous, and honest are the qualities of the angel number five.

The number 55 is also a multiple of a master number, 11. This means the power of 55 is even more potent than other two-digit numbers. 

The master number 11 is made of one of the most powerful numbers of all, the number one. The number one stands for leadership and new beginnings. Doubling the number one makes these sentiments even more influential.

All of these compounding signs make the angel number 55 something to pay close attention to.

The vibration of the number five demonstrates great change and emotional and sensory bombardment. This is meant for better and for worse, as the number five is associated with the planet Mercury. The word mercurial literally means unpredictable changes.

The doubling of the vibrational energy of the number five with the presence of 55 simply compounds the power even more. The angel number 55 readies you for a time of personal revolution.

What Does It Mean When I See the Number 55?

The versatile and capable energy of the number 55 makes you capable of meeting any challenge. If you keep seeing the number 55, you may be in store for new opportunities at your job, in love, or another exciting change that is coming your way.

Your guardian angels are indicating to you that they will be here for you during a time of intense change. A transitional period is coming, and through it, all the number 55 will light the way.

Do you feel like you are on the cusp of a period of reinvention? Have you experienced a feeling of restlessness in your job, relationship, or idea of the future? This may be a reason why the angel number 55 is appearing to you.

Perhaps you have been enduring a time of low fulfillment or inspiration. If you are looking for a sign to embrace higher vibrations and a fulfillment of a greater purpose, the appearance of the number 55 will help lead you.

When you experience this angel number, it is important to decide if you are going to embrace these opportunities or let them pass you by. As with anything, you have a choice and can decide how to engage with these angel messages.

If you feel overwhelmed by these messages and the possibilities they contain, you are in luck. The number 55 is being sent to you by your guardian angels, so you can lean on them to help you understand what to do next.

Many people believe that angel numbers and other messages from our guardian angels are only for positive messages. Because angels are pure and good, their communication is only meant to point us in the direction of happiness.

Even if the message that is being presented to you feels difficult or overwhelming, it may be the best decision for you. Your guardian angel will illuminate the path, but it may not be the easy one. Trust is important when listening to your angel number, especially the 55 angel number meaning.

The number 55 opens the doors for you to experience adventure and fun. Consider planning an exciting vacation or explore that cross-country move you have been dreaming about.

Keep in mind this angel number is encouraging you to learn these important lessons hands-on. This time will involve trial and error, and taking a leap in your life to a new future. The number 55 is not subtle or theoretical, so be prepared for what is to come.

This thrilling message from your guardian angel also encourages you to not lose sight of the bigger picture. While the number 55 may resonate with you on a specific decision, these signs will point to the way to overall greater fulfillment and happiness.

Angel Number 55 in Love and Relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, the angel number 55 can be a blessing or a cause for concern. If you are single and looking, this number can signify the introduction of a new and exciting romantic partner.

If you are seeing the angel number 55, think about diving into the dating pool. If you have never tried online dating, let the number 55 guide you to a new and thrilling chapter.

However, it is important to pay close attention to your surroundings if you are in a relationship and experiencing the angel number 55. Because this number indicates strong changes, that could spell trouble for your love connection.

As with everything with the mercurial 55, the major change in your love and relationships could also be positive. If you have been waiting for a proposal or for insight on your upcoming wedding, the angel number 55 could be pointing you to the answer.

55 Meaning in Law of Attraction & Manifestation

The angel number 55 invites excitement and revolution, especially if you can see it for yourself. The combination of the number 55 and a clear manifestation of your goals is a winning one.

The number 55 also motivates a popular practice in the law of attraction and manifestation. The idea is you visualize a specific goal and write it down 55 times for five straight days. 

This 55x5 method is championed by some, but others find it to be counter-productive. Think about the fact that you will have to write your dream long-hand. 

Some who try this manifesting technique were tempted to shorten their goal when writing it down, which can dampen the purpose of the exercise.

This practice allows you to powerfully imagine your dreams and bring them into reality. The power of the number five and its amplification with the number 55 makes it a powerful angel number for attracting and manifesting your goals.

The number 55 is also closely associated with independence. If you are looking for a sign to embrace a period of solitude, this may be the perfect moment for you.

The best way to honor the intentions from your angel number 55 is to focus on your goals and intentions. By keeping these close to your mind and heart, the direction your angels are guiding you will become clear.

If you stay focused on manifesting your dreams and goals, the abundance will flow from your guardian angels. You can trust the angel number 55 to lead you to and through a period of immense growth and change.

What Does 55 Mean Financially & In Your Career?

If you are seeing the angel number 55, it could mean a period of upheaval financially or in your career. As with everything that has to do with this number, it could have a positive or negative impact.

Are you looking for a new job or considering switching careers entirely? Pay attention to instances of the number 55 to help show you the way.

If you are happy with your current position, seeing the number 55 may inspire you to ask for a raise or promotion. Your energy is consistent with adjustments and change, so donā€™t be afraid to stick your neck out!

What Does 55 Mean Spiritually?

The angel number 55 has a powerful spiritual meaning, indicating rebirth and change. With its connection to so many foundational things, like our human senses, the number five not only grounds us but also inspires us to strive.

While the number 55 indicates spiritual upheaval, it is not meant to be damaging or unpleasant. Sometimes the way to become who were are meant to be is through a time of change and discomfort, which this angel number embodies perfectly.

Biblical Meaning of 55

Within the Bible, the number five has great significance. This number is a symbol of the goodness of God, as well as his grace and kindness to all creation. Because the number five is doubled in this integer, the message is even more powerful.

The number five appears in several important places in the Bible, including the original five books of the Bible. 

This pentateuch includes Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, where much of the basis of modern religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism is found.

55 Meaning Twin Flame 

The idea of a twin flame means there is another person who shares the same energy as you and is sharing in a similar path. Some numbers indicate the existence of a twin flame for greater spiritual fulfillment through partnership.

The angel number 55 does signify a twin flame presence. However, as is consistent with the messages from this number, it usually indicates a new individual. This number may be appearing to you if you have encountered a new and exciting romantic relationship.

Angel Number 55 Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is a prolific author on spirituality and Christianity. She has written many books about spiritual messages and analyzing the communications we receive from angels.

According to Doreen Virtue, the number 55 has a meaningful message directly from God. This message is consistent with much of what we have learned from the angel number 55.

If you are seeing the number 55, it means this is God asking you to trust in the process and believe in your own power. You should hope for the best of what is to come and surround yourself with kind people to make it through this period of transition.