Angel Number 33 Meaning, Symbolism, and its Secrets

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 10, 2022  
Angel Number 33

Angel numbers are a sequence of numbers that pop up in random places in our life. The numbers repeat themselves and are divine messages from angels and our spirit guides. 

Experts in energy work and divinity say that when we see these repeating number sequence patterns frequently, this means our energetic awareness is tuning in to specific events. When we pay attention to these patterns, we notice synchronicities start to happen all around us. 

If you’ve been seeing the number 33 lately, read on to learn more about what messages you should be paying attention to. 

Angel Number 33 Meaning and Symbolism

The number 33 is powerful and is considered a master number. In ancient Greece, the number sequences 11, 22, and 33 were revered as master numbers. Anyone with these numbers in their birth chart can become a great spiritual leader and influencer. 

The number 33 is known as the “Great Teacher” because it’s a combination of 11 and 22 together. It’s a divine number that appears numerous times in the Bible, which you can read more about below.

The number 33 is a spiritual comforter as well. The root of 33 is the number 6, which represents the home, family, and responsibility. So when you see this number pattern emerging in your life, the divine is sending you a message to pay attention to because a big change may take place in your life. 

33 symbolizes blessings, motivation, creativity, and your spirit guides are telling you that anything is possible. So when you see this number, be prepared to see a lot of change and transformation as you see your manifestation come to light. 

If you’re ready for life to take a turn for the better, then seeing the number 33 is a sign that’s going to happen. 

It symbolizes new beginnings, so if you feel a pull to start something new, especially if it’s a creative endeavor, go for it! Your spirit guides are encouraging you to develop your skills by sending you messages in the number pattern 33. 

The number 33 also urges you to become more self-aware, so you can grow spiritually. Develop your communication skills and learn to adapt to new situations. 

Psychological growth and development are needed to handle challenging situations maturely, but also don’t forget to enjoy the little things in life and nurture your inner child.

The number 33 has shown up in many strange and unusual situations, making us look into this number's meaning even more.

For example, there is a story about 33 miners in Chile who survived a collapse and were trapped underground for 69 days. This took place on 10/13/10, which can be reduced to the number 3 as well. 

When you see this number appear in your life a lot, know that angels are looking out for you, and they are there to help you.

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Angel Number 33 in Love and Relationships

The angel love number 33 means that you will start attracting others with your charisma. People will be drawn to you and trust you. 

This is also a number of balance and give and take in relationships. It’s a sign that things will be changing for the better with your significant other or with anyone you have a close relationship with.

Make sure that you extend this loving number to yourself as well. Be kind to yourself, and you will see things shifting for the better. If you talk negatively to yourself, this is a sign that you need to stop.

In families, the number 33 can signify that the relationship between parents and children will develop and grow. Nurture these relationships so you can encourage positive development for each other. 

33 Meaning in Law of Attraction & Manifestation

Have you been trying to manifest change in your life? The number 33 is a sign that you’re not alone. Your spirit guides and ancestors are letting you know they are watching out for you by sending you this sign. 

If you find yourself feeling frustrated, it’s important to remember that mindset has a lot to do with successful manifesting. 

The number 33 also could be telling you that you’re focusing too much on your agenda. Perhaps you should shift your focus more on issues of humankind in general. Once you do this, you will see what you desire start falling into place. 

What Does 33 Mean Financially & in a Career?

To have guidance in finance and money, it’s a good idea to find your life path number. To find your life path number, reduce your birthday to single digits, then add them together. 

For example: 12-19-1987 would be 2+1 = 3, 9+1=10=1, and 1+9+8+7=25=2+5=7. Then you’d take 3+1+7=11. 11 would be the life path number. If this number were another combination, you would reduce it further, but since 11 is a master number, you would leave it be. 

When it comes to a career, the number 33 symbolizes a strong desire to help other people. If your life path number is 33, this could mean that you would be a great spiritual teacher. A career helping and guiding others would be very satisfying for those with a life path number 33. 

If you don’t see yourself as a teacher or in a career of helping others, the number 33 is also a strong indicator that you possess artistic talents, and you may want to explore options there as well. You’re creative and charismatic and can use these talents in an artful career. 

If you already have an artistic career, the number 33 can mean you’re about to have a huge creative breakthrough. So if you feel like you’ve had a bit of a creative block lately, things are about to look up.

It’s important to know that you can help others less fortunate than you, regardless of which career path you find through charitable work and representation.

What Does 33 Mean Spiritually?

When you see the number 33, it means you should reflect only on your decisions because you’re being urged to grow. It’s a good idea to meditate and reflect. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes and instead of dwelling on guilt, learn the lesson and allow yourself to move on.

The number 33 also represents the vibrational force of the Kundalini as it rises through 33 vertebrae of the spine. When this energy force moves up the spine, it creates a tingling sensation in the body. This is called the Kundalini Awaking, and it opens up the chakra channels. 

Those who experience this Kundalini Awakening are open to exploring the spiritual realms in the 4th-dimensional plane. 

In other spiritual teachings like Kabbalah, the Tree of Life has 22 paths and 11 globes. This marks 33 steps in the path to spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. The grid pattern of the Tree of Life corresponds to the different energy centers in the body and how they intertwine with the nervous system, heart, and brain. 

These 33 steps are known in Kabbalah as keys, and when they are activated on our path to enlightenment, it ignites our spiritual capabilities to heal ourselves and transform. Use this time to set your life goals with intention.

Biblical Meaning of 33

If you follow the Christian faith and see the number 33 a lot in your life, you can turn to the Bible for guidance. A lot of Christians are drawn to the number 33 because of the symbolic significance it has in the Bible. 

In the beginning chapters of Genesis, the name Elohim –  another word for God – is used 33 times. When Jacob’s name is mentioned for the 33rd time, it’s the telling of his vision of a stairway to heaven. 

One of the most popular references to the number 33 is the fact that Jesus lived to be 33 years old before being crucified. He also performed 33 miracles before his death. King David ruled for 33 years in Israel. 

In Genesis, when Noah’s name is mentioned for the 33rd time, God makes a covenant with Noah to commit to maintaining the relationship between God and his creation. He promised not to destroy the earth with a flood ever again.

When Abraham’s name is mentioned for the 33rd time, that is when his son Isaac was born. 

And finally, in Revelation, the number 33 represents God’s judgment.

33 Numerology Meaning

As mentioned earlier, the number 33 in numerology is a master number. It signifies people who are wise teachers. When a person has 33 in their chart, they tend to demonstrate great maturity and wisdom. 

A person with 33 in their chart who has not yet reached this spiritual enlightenment usually finds that they feel spiritually drained. This can cause them to feel apathetic because of their spiritual exhaustion. 

Feeling this type of exhaustion, left unchecked, can spiral into negative lifestyle changes due to seeking out unhealthy comforts. This can manifest itself in addiction, among other things. 

Another negative aspect of this personality trait can be over-helpfulness. Those with the number 33 in their chart tend to want to help others even if they don’t ask for it. 

Although the good intention is there, this can come across as overbearing or controlling. If you have 33 in your chart and find that these characteristics are more like you, you just need to work on your path of enlightenment to find the balance you need. 

33 Meaning Twin Flame 

Twin flames are complicated relationships. They don't have to be romantic relationships, but they are almost always difficult. They are meant to change your life in some way. 

The thought behind this twin flame soul connection is that when we die, sometimes our souls are split into two, and when we reincarnate, that soul ends up in two different bodies. 

The number 33 for twin flames means a more peaceful co-existence. Through the tougher times of these relationships, this number signifies a more loving aspect. You’ve reached a period of getting along and deeply understanding each other. The number 33 can also be telling you to re-evaluate your relationship with your twin flame. 

Angel Number 33 Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue was a psychic medium who conversed with angels. She spent years researching the relationship of angel numbers and produced many oracle decks featuring these numbers. 

She has since changed her path to one of Christianity. However, many still follow her previous teachings of angel numbers.

She said it’s no coincidence when you see these number patterns, and the number 33 is a blessing. It’s a sign of big change and that you should accept these changes. Don’t be afraid, and trust your gut. 

Is Number 33 Lucky?

The number 33 is considered to be extremely lucky. This master number signifies abundance and is very lucky in business. Overall, in any aspect of life, the number 33 is thought to be very powerful.

Any number that doubles 11, 22, 33, and so on has very powerful meanings, but 33 is especially mystical. 33 is a very optimistic number.

If you keep seeing the number 33, then you’re in good spiritual company and should consider yourself to be very lucky. This is a good time to take big risks because you’re being divinely guided.

The number 33 is a number of expansion and capacity, so this could mean that the good luck surrounding this number will impact many. 33 is the opposite of scarce, so it’s good to keep in mind that there is plenty of abundance and wealth to go around. 


The number 33 is a powerful master number and seeing it often is a sign that your life situation is about to change for the better. If you’ve been feeling lost and afraid, your spirit guides may be sending you this message to let you know that you’re not alone. 

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