What Does It Mean to Dream About White Snakes?

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: December 15, 2021  

If you had a dream involving a white snake recently, don’t be alarmed. 

Despite how frightening this may look, dreams about white snakes are a good sign. They typically point toward good financial fortune and spiritual growth. 

However, the meaning of the dream shifts depending on the scenario. 

In some cases, dreaming of snakes can be a warning sign. Sometimes snakes are a sign of deception. 

Below, I’ve listed several different dream scenarios with white snakes so you can get more specific details on what your dream is trying to tell you. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have enough knowledge of different symbolic meanings to be able to confidently interpret your own dreams about white snakes. 

To better interpret your dreams, you may want to start keeping a dream journal and recording every detail you can remember as soon as you wake up.

White Snake Dream Meaning

Seeing a white snake in your dreams is a very specific symbol and should not be ignored. 

This is a sign that your spirit guides, or higher self, is trying to communicate with you. They want you to pay attention and take their advice.

White snakes in dreams generally mean good fortune is coming your way. 

Fortune can mean good health, wealth, prosperity or any kind of abundance. It can also mean you’re on your journey to spiritual growth. 

Just like the snake sheds its skin, it could indicate that you will be going through your own transformation.

In some circumstances it could represent repressed emotion or fear. Perhaps a blockage or obstacle prevents you from your transformation. 

It can also mean you have deceptive people in your circle.

Analyzing the type of snake it is, how many there are, and the size can change the interpretation of the dream. 

It’s also important to pay attention to what it’s doing and, more importantly, how you feel during the dream and when you wake up. 

All these details contribute to how you should interpret the dream.

What Does the White Snake Symbolize?

Even if the snake is widely thought to represent evil, the color white represents purity and innocence. 

The white snake is a symbol of pure positive energy and can mean a new beginning for you is on the horizon. 

The white snake itself never symbolizes anything negative or scary. However, what the snake is doing in your dream can be a warning. 

Generally this warning is concerning communication, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad omen.

Dreaming of White Snakes – Different Scenarios & Its Meanings

Let’s take a deeper look into different dream scenarios to get a more specific interpretation. This will help you get a more accurate and true meaning of your dreams.

Dreaming of a White Snake Attacking

Dreaming of a white snake attacking you can have two different meanings, and it all boils down to how you feel during the dream. 

If you feel scared or not completely changes the interpretation. 

Remember, the white snake represents good fortune. 

If it’s attacking you and you don’t feel scared, it means that good things are coming your way. Perhaps you will have a new beginning. 

However, if you feel scared when the snake is attacking you, that means there are challenges in your waking life you’re not dealing with. Perhaps these challenges are internal mental or emotional blocks that are keeping you from receiving good fortune. 

Evaluate what’s been going on in your waking life and work through these barriers. 

What Does it Mean When You Dream of a White Snake Biting You?

If you dream of a white snake biting you, it means you’re feeling guilty about something. 

A white snake biting you means you’ve been engaging in something morally questionable and you need to reflect on your recent choices.

Look at this as an opportunity to grow and make better decisions. 

Don’t interpret this as telling you you’re a bad person by any means. Perhaps you’re doing something you don't agree with for the sake of someone else. 

This is your subconscious telling you to do what's right and, more importantly, what feels right for you.

Dream of Killing a White Snake

Killing a white snake in your dream is a sign of triumph. You're slaying your metaphorical demons are you’re on the right path. 

This kind of dream represents overcoming your repressed fears. 

It can also mean you’re becoming more emotionally stable. 

Whichever the interpretation that resonates with you most, it’s a clear sign that you need to keep doing what you’ve been doing. 

Dream of White Snake Chasing You

Freud thought that snakes represent a phallic symbol. If you’re running away from a white snake in dreams, it could mean you’re afraid of intimacy. 

It could mean you’re running away from the prospect of a relationship, or you’re afraid to commit to the one you’re currently in.

On the flip side, if you’re chasing a snake this could mean that you’re satisfied in this area of your life. You’re not afraid to chase after what you want.

Another interpretation of being chased by a white snake is that you’ve been going off track of the path you’re supposed to be on. You’ve let negative influences derail you, and this is a sign that you need to get back on track.

Dreaming of White Snake in Water

Water has also been symbolic of emotions. 

In Tarot, the Moon card depicts an image of something under the water, symbolizing that things are going on below the surface. 

So depending on how big of a splash the snake in your dream is making, the meaning can be a little different. 

For example, if you see a snake below the surface, this can be a warning that you have a deceitful person in your circle. 

If the snake is slithering on the surface, disrupting the calm waters, it can mean that you’re letting fears disrupt your calm emotions and sense of peace.

Take charge, and don’t let negativity rule your life.

Dream of Small White Snakes

Here’s yet another warning of negativity. 

Small white snakes in your dream may mean that there are multiple negative forces around you. 

The fact that the snakes are small indicates that you may shrug them off as no big deal. But if you leave them undealt with, you can get overwhelmed with the negativity. 

If you see small white snakes in your dream, this is a sign that you need to cut off toxic people as soon as possible. They threaten your peace of mind, and you need to remedy this situation before it gets out of hand.

Dream About a Giant White Snake

Taking into consideration what the snake is doing, dreaming of a giant white snake could mean you have big success coming your way or a big obstacle. 

If you feel frightened, that’s a sign you have a big blockage or obstacle to overcome or some big issue you’re not dealing with in your waking life. 

However, if you feel at peace, it means there is a big transformation or big fortune about to unfold. 

It could also mean you’re about to have a big “ah-ha” moment that propels you forward. 

Either of these interpretations could potentially cause anxiety, but try to switch those feelings into excitement for what the future holds.

Dream of White Snake on Your Bed

If you dream about a white snake on your bed, you’re probably exhausted. You may be sleeping but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re resting. 

It could be a sign that you’re taking your fears and worries of the day into your bed. Doing this is preventing you from getting a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Your body is craving restful sleep, and this is your subconscious mind telling you to get it. 

Develop a consistent nighttime routine so your body can fall into sleep more easily each night. You may also want to look for ways to make your bedroom more peaceful or comfortable, such as adding a humidifier or buying new bedding.

Dream of Multiple White Snakes

If you dream about multiple white snakes, it's a sign that you’re shedding multiple layers and growing spiritually. 

Just as a snake molts and sheds its skin, you’re in the middle of multiple transformations. 

This can mean a literal physical transformation, such as a massive loss of weight and shedding extra pounds. It absolutely means transforming into the physical body that makes you feel like yourself. 

This can also mean mental transformation. Learning, upgrading your brain, and knowing how to analyze may become a lot easier. 

You may find yourself understanding things that were previously a struggle. All of a sudden, things just start to “click” in ways they didn’t before.

This can also be an emotional transformation, meaning you find that you feel more peaceful and less anxious. You may feel less of a need to be in control and feel more acceptance in your life. 

The fact that there are multiple white snakes in your dream could very well mean that you’re going through all these at once. 

Dream of a White Snake with Black Spots

If you’re seeing a white snake with black spots in your dream, this is a clear cut sign to not be hesitant to ask for help. 

Maybe you have found yourself in a situation that makes you feel overwhelmed. Reach out to close friends and family for assistance. 

If you’ve been keeping to yourself because of your fear of being judged for needing help, it’s time to swallow your pride and accept help from others. 

Remember that it’s okay to seek help and guidance from others. It’s nothing to feel ashamed about. 

Black and White Snake Dream Meaning

If you’re seeing a black and white snake in your dream, it could mean you have conflicting emotions about a circumstance or issue. 

Black represents evil and despair. And as we’ve discussed, white represents purity and innocence. The fact that these are two conflicting ideals shows us that there is an emotional duel going on in your subconscious. 

This could be symbolic of a decision you have to make in your waking life, and you’re not sure which direction to go. 

It might be a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of each decision to come to a resolution.

Take this as a sign to reflect on any conflicts you are currently facing in your life and look for solutions, so your dreams can be more peaceful.

Yellow and White Snake Dream Meaning

We’ve been over what the color white symbolizes, so let's take a look at the color yellow. 

Yellow is often associated with wisdom, intuition, and healing. 

Seeing a yellow and white snake in your dreams can indicate a warning of upcoming obstacles. 

When we look at the color symbolism of both yellow and white, we can conclude that this is a clear message to follow your intuition to overcome these obstacles, so you can start a new beginning.

We encounter obstacles every day, and this sign is urging you to trust your gut. 

Your gut feeling is your higher self guiding you, so it’s always wise to follow this feeling.

White Cobra in Dream  

Seeing a white cobra in your dream indicates that you’re inspired and creative. This could mean being a creative problem solver, or it could mean something more artful. 

Creativity is like a muscle. Work on it regularly to hone in on this talent, and you may see more positive symbols in your dreams.

A cobra by itself can also symbolize the feeling of being controlled by others. 

So taking everything we’ve learned in this article, analyze the way you felt during your dream and when you woke up to find the interpretation that best suits your situation. 

If you feel fearful, it could be a warning of a controlling deceptive person or perhaps a warning for you to not be controlling and deceptive.