Angel Number 88 Meaning, Symbolism, and its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 3, 2022  
Angel Number 88

Have you been seeing the number 88 many times recently and are wondering what it means? Your angel or angels might be trying to get in touch with you through this mystical number. It’s not something that you could come across very naturally, so it must mean something. 

There are several 88 angel number meanings, but none of them are negative. If you’re seeing angel number 88 around your life, you can prepare for blessings of several different kinds. 

Angel Number 88 Meaning and Symbolism 

The Angel Number 88 has several different meanings. This is because it means different things for different people. However, the angel number 88 always represents good fortune for those who keep seeing it in their lives. 

88 is an especially strong number with good karmic vibrations. It is a double eight and carries the energy of both the eight and the seven (a lucky number). This is why it’s very rarely a negative sign. 

The energies of the number 88 are prosperity, love, introspection, balance, business, intuition, abundance, and good fortune. These are commonly associated with money issues, relationships, or life changes. 

Most commonly, the angel number 88 indicates that there will be a change in your monetary fortunes. Those who have been struggling with finances might come across a windfall, whether that’s in the form of a new job, an inheritance, or an unexpected gift. 

If you just started a new job, continue to work hard with a positive attitude and you could get a raise. The number is preparing you for the good ahead if you’re willing to trust and accept the gift. 

There are also other meanings of the angel number 88–it can mean an upcoming increase in good fortune unrelated to money. Whether this is in relationships, friendships, or life situations, expect good things. 

However, the angel numbers always come with a certain amount of necessary introspection. It’s not necessarily a price; the angels are happy to give the gifts and protect us. We have to be willing to trust them and know ourselves. 

One of the auras of angel number 88 is introspection and intuition. This means that if your inner life isn’t balanced, it could be difficult for you to receive the gifts associated with the angel number. 

You might not notice them and let the opportunity for a monetary or relational gain slip by you. To ensure that you are ready to receive, always keep an open heart and mind. 

Reasons You Keep Seeing 88 

So the angel number 88 can mean several different things, but what does it mean for you specifically? If you’ve been seeing the number 88 and can’t seem to get away from it, your angel probably has a more specific message for you. 

The most common meaning for the number 88 is financial. If you have been struggling financially, this might mean that you just have to hold on a little longer. Those issues might be behind you soon. 

Keep working hard for the money you earn, and your angels will reward your hard work and positivity. Something big is coming your way! 

Another reason you could be seeing number 88 is a positive change in your life, unrelated to money. Your angels could be telling you that it’s time to prepare for a life change. 

Any life change, whether it’s good or bad, can come with some stresses. However, trust your angels and the positive energy of the number 88, and the universe will take care of you through this change. 

If you are struggling with a toxic or negative relationship, 88 can mean that it’s time to move on. It can be very difficult to end a relationship, but only good things wait for you on the other side. 

For the singles out there, 88 means that you are about to meet someone very special. Most relationships that start soon after an encounter with angel number 88 end up being life partners. 

Whatever this number means for you particularly, it will be a fantastic new chapter in your life. Whether it’s money, love, or a positive change, trust your future to the angels and stay positive! 

What Does It Mean When You See 88? 

When you see 88 just once, it could be a coincidence. However, multiple times within a short period and you might be looking at a message from an angel. 

Angels don’t communicate the usual ways–they won’t text or call you with news about your future. However, they’re always looking out for you and want you to know when good things are coming (or when to prepare for the worst). 

With 88, there’s no need to worry about the future. The angels are telling you that something very good is coming, whether it is financial gain, a new love, or a life change. Whatever it is, you’ll know once it happens and will thank your angels for telling you. 

Even if you are not a believer in angels sending signs, you are reading this for a reason. Maybe you’ve seen the number 88 a suspicious amount of times in the past few days and are wondering what it could mean. 

I encourage you to give the number 88 a chance–it means nothing but good things for you and your loved ones, and prosperity in your future. Trust this message from your angels and see what happens! 

Angel Number 88 in Love and Relationships

If you are single, finding a spiritual sign in the number 88 can only mean good things for you. Many people who start dating soon after seeing angel number 88 end up with the love of their lives. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the next attraction you have will be the one. You must trust the angels and know yourself. Always be careful and make sure you are reading all the signs in a potential relationship. 

Seeing the number 88 does mean that you can approach new relationships without fear, however. Even if the next one doesn’t end up being a life partner, you will learn something valuable and be under the protection of the angels. 

If you are already in a relationship and it is going well, seeing the number 88 could mean that you are ready to progress to the next level. Have you been waiting for a sign to buy a ring and ask the big question? Seeing 88 could be an angel telling you that this person is the one. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is in a good relationship. Those who are in stressful, toxic, or even abusive relationships might also resonate with the number 88. This can represent the end of that chapter and the beginning of spiritual freedom. 

It is difficult to end a relationship, even if the relationship has become hard to sustain. However, if you trust the angels, you will know what the next step is and come to inner peace. 

Whether the number 88 means starting a relationship, taking it to the next level, or ending it, it is always a good thing. 88 represents love, inner knowledge, and good fortune, and you can expect that in your love life. 

What Does 88 Mean Spiritually? 

Spiritually, 88 means much more than simply finding happiness in marriage or money. Instead, 88 represents the infinity of the soul and finding peace within yourself. 

Spiritual introspection and renewal are a large part of angel number 88. Because of the Biblical importance of the number, the spirit is renewed by introspection and cleansing in the waters of spiritual baptism. 

If you are happy in your relationship and financially, the angels might be reaching out to you for deeper reasons. It might be time for you to take a spiritual break and turn to your inner soul. 

The angel number 88 can mean the refreshing of a soul through introspection and inner peace. It also means that the angels have you in their arms and are protecting you through this inner change–it’s nothing to be afraid of! 

Biblical Meaning of 88

In the Bible, one of the most significant numbers is 7. There were seven days in creation, seven signs of the coming of Jesus, and seven is used extensively in the prophetic book of Revelation. 

88, as I’ve discussed, reduces to seven. To reduce it, add the numbers together like this: 8+8=16, 1+6=7. This reduction is a simple way to find the essence of an angel number. 

However, eight is also an auspicious number in the Bible. The New Testament was written by eight different authors, and baby boys were circumcised on the eighth day of their life. The combination of these facts represents our spiritual circumcision or holy renewal. 

88 Numerology Meaning

In numerology, 88 is a master number. It’s the energy of 8 multiplied by 8, making it exponentially more powerful. To learn about the numerology meaning of the angel number 88, we must first learn about the numerology of the number 8. 

8 is a number that represents hard work and entrepreneurship. It is an infinity sign turned sideways, so it can also symbolize infinite wisdom, possibilities, and inner balance. 

Of course, this means that 88 is all of that magnified. Double infinity means that the number is filled with spiritual purpose. It carries essences of the master numbers 11, 22, and 44, and distills to 7, the most introspective and lucky number. 

88 is truly an auspicious number in the numerological sense. The number represents inner wisdom, knowledge, and balance, but only through hard work and perseverance. 

88 Meaning Twin Flame 

If you have a twin flame, you know what it is like to share your soul with another person. However, you might have been feeling some imbalance in that relationship lately and are worried about it. 

If you’ve seen angel number 88, your twin flame relationship is about to reach new heights. The double infinity sign of the 88 represents balance and communication between you and your twin flame. 

However, seeing the 88 number if you haven’t found your twin flame could mean that they will enter your life soon! 

Angel Number 88: Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue, one of the primary researchers on angel numbers and numerology, agrees that angel number 88 is one for good fortune and love. With angel number 88, you can live up to your full potential and fulfill the promises to come. 

However, she warns that this is only the case for followers who trust in their angel signs and focus on the positive side of life. With angel number 88, whatever you are focusing on will come to you abundantly. Don’t be negative! 

Final Thoughts

Whether you see the angel number 88 for financial, relational, or spiritual reasons, you can rest assured that it is an auspicious number. As long as you trust your angels and stay positive, good things are coming your way!