Angel Number 808 Meaning, Symbolism and its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 3, 2022  
Angel Number 808

Have you started seeing the number 808 wherever you go?

If you keep spotting this same number on digital clocks, receipts, phone numbers, and everywhere in between, rest assured that these are not coincidental occurrences. It is an angel number. 

Angel numbers are messages sent by your guardian angels directly to you. If you keep seeing this coded message, it is because your angels are desperately trying to get your attention. 

Angel Number 808 Meaning and Symbolism

Your angels and spirit guides are sending you the number 808 as a declaration of sorts. It announces that you are no longer alone. Your guardians have arrived to show you the light and set you on the right path. 

Whatever decision you might be worried about, seeing the number 808 means that you will soon find a solution or a plan to solve the problems which stand in your way. 

Seeing the number 808 over and over again is a sign from your angels. It means you need to let go and trust in yourself and your destiny. Have faith that everything happens for a reason. Rest assured that whatever is happening right now will lead to a happy resolution. 

Constantly spotting angel number 808 is a sign sent from above to remind you that you deserve new beginnings and a fresh start. It is a sign from your spirit guides that should fill you with confidence and optimism for the future. 

If you have been granted this sign by your angels, know that it is time for you to take control of your life. You can and will achieve the things you’ve been longing for and dreaming of in your personal and professional life if you only believe you are able. 

When you see angel number 808 all around you, it is an important sign from your spirit guides that you should focus on aligning your intentions with your higher purpose. It reminds you to center yourself and reorient your thoughts towards where your true desires lie.

In order to do that, you must be honest with yourself and define just what your higher purpose is. 

If you have an overwhelming fear of significant change or are currently going through a period of turbulence and change, then rest assured. Angel number 808 has arrived in a divine blessing to soothe your worries and erase your doubts.    

Angel Number 808 in Love and Relationships

Constantly seeing the number 808 can signify a few different things when it comes to love and relationships. 

If you already have a partner or are dating someone and keep seeing the number 808 all around you, that is usually a positive message from your guides. It means that the relationship is going to be loving, fulfilling, and wonderful.

In some cases, it can mean something different for people in relationships or dating. 

It can mean that you are not feeling fulfilled in your relationship and if this is the case for you, take it as a sign that you should trust your instincts. Move on from that stagnate relationship once and for all!

For all the single people out there who keep seeing this number, I have some good news for you! 

Seeing the number 808 is a sign that you should not give up, even when it seems hopeless. It shows you that love is out there and ready to find you, so don’t get disheartened in your quest. 

808 Meaning in Law of Attraction & Manifestation

When it comes to manifestation and the law of attraction, 808 is a powerful number of divine significance. It signals that you are about to enter a time of great financial abundance and wealth.

The numbers 888 and 8888 are similar and all three numbers carry the energy of creation and prosperity. Seeing the number 808 means that you’re ready and able to build and shape new ideas that will attract a myriad of blessings into your life. 

It can indicate that the time is ripe for creative endeavor, as 808 signifies the height of creative potential. If you are an artist, a writer, or a creative thinker who keeps seeing 808 everywhere, now is the time to embrace the spirit of creation in your life!

Money matters will start to seem much more straightforward for those who are visited by angel number 808. 

Once you start seeing it, just know that the time for manifesting big bucks has never been better!

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What Does 808 Mean Spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of angel number 808 is a simple one. You are divinely favored and your prayers do not go unheard. 

Your worries and fears are always listened to, and your spiritual protectors are always responding to your cries for help. Even when you feel most alone, know that there are powerful forces in place to help you when you call. 

Any requests for financial assistance will be answered and you can relax now because all of your doubts and fears will be taken care of very soon. The universe has your back so to speak and you don’t have to keep on stressing about the future. 

808 carries a divine vibration that attracts wealth, success, and joy. Every time you see it, just know that your angels are hard at work to put you on the right path and keep you safe once you’re on it. 

Biblical Meaning of 808

In the Judeo-Christian Biblical tradition, the number 808 represents the act of forgiveness and releasing the suffering of the past forevermore. 

It signifies the changing stages of our lives, the beginnings and the endings, and how they fluctuate with time. In some stages, you will face challenges and setbacks, but if you have faith you will come out the other side stronger and more blessed than ever before. 

When you keep seeing the number 808 in your daily life, you should consider it a sign to let go of past hurts, frustrations, and sorrows and start focusing on your goals today. 

Forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made, and forgive those who have wronged you so that you can start fresh and prosper as your destiny demands. Holding grudges against yourself or others only serves to stunt your spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. 

The number 808 also has a biblical meaning that warns against the dangers of willful ignorance. If you’re constantly seeing 808 in your life, it is a warning that you should open yourself to new knowledge and stop rejecting it. 

You might be extremely intelligent, a genius even, but you cannot let arrogance and pride stop you from a lifetime of learning. Never limit yourself and always keep learning, growing, and evolving. 

808 Numerology Meaning

Numerology is the practice of divining the universal language of numbers and how that language affects our lives. Numerologists believe that the world is dependent upon the special properties of numbers and their vibrational energy.

In theory, everything around us has its own vibrational pattern, but numbers have a special pattern that is conducive for correspondence with higher spiritual planes. 

That means it's easier for us to interpret spiritual signs and messages through numbers, as they are the language of the universe. Every number has its own unique vibrational pattern. 

These individual patterns give each number specific properties. These properties can be interpreted in many ways and recurring numbers often offer clues as to what is going on in a person’s life at that time. 

Numerology assigns specific qualities to every individual number, so to understand 808’s significance in numerology we will have to convert it to an equation of sorts.

It looks like this: (8 + 0 + 8) = 16 = (1 + 6) = 7. 

So we see here that the number 808 has a Numerology vibration of 7. The number 7 represents good things in Numerology, namely that blessings are inbound and that your hard work will soon pay off. 

The number 7 is also a sign that you should remain steadfast and without fear. It urges you to stay confident and trust the path you have chosen for yourself because it is the right one. 

If you simply keep moving forward on this path, everything will work out in your favor soon enough!

What Does 808 Mean For Twin Flames?

Twin flame relationships are powerful soul connections that reflect yourself back to you through the form of an intense, sometimes volatile relationship. 

Twin flame relationships can be positive or negative, but they exist to teach us important lessons about ourselves. It is based on the metaphysical theory that some souls are split into two bodies and must find each other again to become whole.

If you keep seeing the number 808 and you are single, this usually signifies that you will meet your twin flame soon and that you two will begin an important spiritual journey together. 

This journey will bring you a new love like never before. Your twin flame connection will wipe away the bad memories of lost love and missed connections that have been weighing you down. 

Angel Number 808 Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is a motivational speaker, an author, and a fourth-generation metaphysician who uses psychic practices, psychology, and theology in her work. 

She has been featured on a slew of national television programs and her work has often been featured in national magazines and newspapers. 

Virtue has written several books as well, including books on angels, angel numbers, and oracle card decks. This well-known spiritualist believes that 808 is a lucky number which signals that blessings are en route. 

Doreen regards the number as a message that your guardian angels are constantly working on your behalf, keeping you safe and attracting your heart’s greatest desires. 

The Secrets of Number 808

Though you might find yourself feeling alone, hopeless, and ready to throw in the towel, remember that your angels and spirit guides are always by your side. 

They see your struggles, they see your dedication, and they want you to know that relief is on the way. 

Whether it's financial problems, romantic woes, or anything else, rest easy and know that you will soon see the answers that you’ve been working so hard to find.

Your angels are rooting for you to change, grow, and prosper, and angel number 808 is a reminder of that. It is also a call for decisive action and a demand for faith and trust in yourself. 

Answer that call today and watch how your life changes for the better.