Angel Number 8 Meaning, Symbolism and its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 4, 2022  
Angel Number 8

Have you been seeing the number 8 repeatedly? Does it seem like you’re bombarded with it everywhere you look? This could be on a clock, browsing the internet, looking at one of your bills, or seeing it on physical signs. 

This is not a coincidence. Seeing repeated number patterns are some of the ways our guardian angels, spirit guides, or higher self communicate with us. 

They’re urging you to pay attention, but you’re probably wondering what specifically you need to be paying attention to. In this article, I’m going to share with you what these significant messages might be telling you. 

Angel Number 8 Meaning and Significance

Angel numbers are one of the many different ways spiritual beings that exist on other dimensional planes attempt to communicate with us. 

If you are constantly seeing a combination of numbers that add up to 8 or see a pattern of 8’s, this is pointing to a divine sign. It’s important not to write it off as a coincidence. 

The number 8 signifies abundance, material wealth, karma, and success. So seeing this number repeatedly could mean that you will be gaining an abundance of material wealth in your future. 

If you’ve been praying for abundance, this is a sign that your guardian angels are listening to you. They are working hard to guide you in the direction that you need to be in to receive this abundance. 

This could be in the form of a promotion at work, or perhaps you find a new opportunity to make some extra money. The fact that the number 8 is closely related to karma means that your good intentions and hard work are going to pay off, and you’ll be rewarded. 

Number 8 Symbolism and its Secret

When you look at the number 8, you’ll notice it’s the shape of the infinity symbol. It represents an infinite flow of energy. Your guardian angels are encouraging you to stay strong and keep working toward your goals. 

The number 8 is also a sign meaning balance. Since it’s connected to material wealth, it could also be a sign to balance your work and personal life. Try not to juggle too much at once. It’s important to find a good equilibrium between desiring financial abundance and drowning in materialism. 

Along with steading your work and personal life, it could be a sign that you need to balance your thoughts. 

The number 8 is very positive. So if you find yourself thinking negatively, especially about wealth, it’s a clear sign that you need to work on eliminating these thought patterns. Seeing this number means that your guardian angels are urging you to cut out negative toxic people. 

Once you do this, you’ll notice your thoughts will start to improve. You’ll start to see opportunities everywhere. And you’ll find more creative ways to solve day-to-day problems instead of focusing on hardship. You may notice you’ll have a surge of energy to put toward your goals.

These symbolic meanings are telling you to uplift yourself and have more confidence. Don’t hold yourself back because of fear of failure. You’re a powerful person who can reach your goals. If you had any doubt, seeing the number 8 should put your doubts away. 

What Does 8 Mean Spiritually?

In the Bible, the number 8 means new beginnings, resurrection, and hope. Below I’ve listed some of the instances in the Bible, where we see the number 8 and how it points to new beginnings.

  • The Bible was written by 40 different men. You can get this number by multiplying 5 times 8. The number 5 represents God’s grace toward humankind. And as we’ve discussed, the number 8 represents new beginnings. So the Bible itself represents giving people a new beginning through the Grace of God. 
  • Jesus was resurrected 8 days after he was chosen to be sacrificed for humanity's sins. His resurrection is a symbol of man’s new beginning. He also showed himself to his followers 8 times before ascending to heaven on Mount of Olives in Acts 1:11.
  • We see the number 8 throughout the whole Bible, but the very first time is in the old testament. God chose 8 people to survive the great flood on the Ark. This is also symbolizing a new beginning for mankind after its destruction from the flood. 
  • In the Bible, it was believed that circumcision helped people find God through restoration. It was symbolic of circumcision of the heart and allowed the boys to let in the spirit of God. So it was declared that every male, regardless if they were your offspring or not, must be circumcised on their 8th day. Meaning 8 days after they were born.
  • The name Jesus, in Greek, adds up to 888. This could mean he was the chosen one to start man into a new beginning. 

Angel Number 8 in Love

The significance of balance and karma in the number 8 continues for love and relationships. The number 8 means you should give without expecting anything in return. The more you give without expectation, the more you will open yourself up for receiving abundance in love.

The number 8 is also representative of your self-confidence. So if you feel like you lack in this area, it may be a sign to work on loving yourself more. It's impossible to find true love with someone else if we’re incapable of loving ourselves. So if you feel like your relationships have taken a turn for the worst, this is a big indication that you need to be kinder to yourself.

It also means finding balance in relationships. Find time for loved ones and make sure you have a good balance in your personal and work life. Don’t make your loved ones feel unimportant or forgotten because they end up on the backburner to make more money.

If you are in a relationship and you keep seeing the number 8, it could be a message to stay grounded and don’t take your partner for granted. Have the confidence to communicate clearly and be sure to tell them you love them. Clear communication is the key to healthy long-lasting relationships. 

If you’re single and you’re not in a committed relationship, seeing the number 8 could be a sign that you’re about to begin a new relationship. But it could also mean to work on the existing ones you have, even the non-romantic kinds. 

8 Numerology Meaning

In numerology, it’s believed that each number holds a very unique and specific energy. Taking everything into consideration that we’ve learned so far about this powerful number, it’s no surprise that the number 8 is the number for achievement, reaching goals, and a robust drive for success. 

It also comes as no surprise that it also represents balance and karma. This is why it’s so important to send out positive energy and live in a state of gratitude. For every positive thought you invoke and send out, you get one back. This creates balance and stability, which is ideal for achieving your goals and reaching success. 

The number 8 is very lucky. So much so, in fact, that people have been known to change their name to equal the number 8 in numerology so they can be more successful. 

There are some downsides to the number 8. Number 8’s can appear materialistic while they bask in their success and rewards. And although the number is a natural-born leader, if they start being too dismissive of other people’s opinions, they can come across as too pompous. 

Reasons You Keep Seeing 8

There are several reasons you keep seeing the number 8. As we discussed earlier, numbers are a universal way for being on a different plane of existence to communicate with us, whether those beings are your guardian angels, spirit guides, or your higher self. 

They are sending you signs to pay attention to, but those could be signs that you’re on the right path or signs on what you need to do to get on the right path. 

If you’re seeing the number 8 over and over, it can mean the following:

  • You’re on the path to success. Persevere and don’t give up, even if it seems like it’s too hard. The number 8 is several fortitudes, so keep up the hard work, and it’ll pay off. 
  • You need to send out more of what you want. The number 8 is a karmic number, and it’s all about reward. The more positivity you send out, the more blessings you’ll receive. 
  • Get rid of negativity in your life. If you are tied to toxic people who don’t support you or put you down, seeing the number 8 is a clear sign that if you want to achieve your goals, you need to cut ties with negative people. 
  • There is a new beginning heading your way. Stay grounded and stay grateful for what you already have in your present life. 
  • Keep a good head on your shoulders and stay balanced. If you feel like you’re drowning in a project or work life, make an effort to give yourself a break and spend time with your loved ones. 
  • Work on your confidence. This is essential for success in your career or in your relationships. Be confident enough to communicate honestly and with integrity. 

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8 Twin Flame Number

Seeing number patterns can also come from your twin flame. Many people believe the number 8 is symbolic of a twin flame. The fact that the number 8 is also an infinity symbol means infinite love. Seeing the number 8 can mean that your twin flame is trying to communicate with you regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. 

The infinity symbol is significant in the Twin Flame Journey because it means eternity and always being connected. The two loops in the 8 and the infinity symbol represent 2 souls that are always finding their way back to one another. 

If your twin flame is close to their spiritual awakening or currently going through their awakening, there’s a good chance they’re seeing these number patterns as well. 

Angel number 8 Doreen Virtue

If you’re unfamiliar with Doreen Virtue, she used to be a new-age teacher and claimed to have communicated with angels. She produced several oracle decks, including some angel decks. She has since converted to Christianity and renounces anything having to do with new-age teachings. Now she’s on a mission to convert other new-age believers into Christians. 

However, when she used to teach about angel numbers and publish oracle angel decks, this is what she taught about the number 8:

  • Angels try to communicate with you through number sequences. Doreen believed that the angels would do this by whispering in your ear. They do this to get you to look at something like a clock or a phone number and hope you’re aware enough to see the pattern.
  • Another way to try to communicate with you is by rearranging events in life so that you get the opportunity to see these numbers as often as possible. For example, redirecting you in traffic so that you see specific billboards with numbers. 
  • If you see a pattern with the number 8, this means you’re about to end a cycle in life and start a new phase. This could be a new relationship or a new job.
  • According to Virtue, this could also be a sign to persevere through the tough times so you can reap the rewards soon enough. 
  • The number 8 is a clear sign you shouldn’t put off celebrating your winnings. Revel in them and rejoice in the fruits of your labor.
  • Your circumstances are about to take a turn for the better, so focus on the positive. Get rid of any negativity in your life to make way for more abundance and success.