Angel Number 420 Meaning, Symbolism and its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 3, 2022  
Angel Number 420

My first instinct when I dream about a number is to write it down. I have realized that divine messages can happen in several ways - even numbers.

If you regularly see the number 420, the Universe is trying to communicate with you. Let me explain what angel number 420 means. 

Angel Number 420 Symbolism and Meaning

Angel number 420 has numerous meanings and signs. If you find yourself seeing this number often, particularly in a specific context, it may be a message to you from the Universe, the Angels, or your spirit guides. 

Number 420 is a number that represents many different things in various cultures. While the number refers to the medicinal cannabis plant in some places, the angel number 420 is actually unrelated to marijuana.

What Is the Significance of the Angel Number 420?

Angel number 420 has a variety of meanings, depending on the context in which you see it. No matter what, though, 420 symbolizes hope, positivity, and potential. 

It can mean that you’re not alone in your journey - that hard work is good, but working together is better. It can also mean that there’s a new beginning on your horizon, in either your professional or romantic life. 

Finally, angel number 420 can be a message to you that you’re on the right spiritual path. Keep studying, practicing, and learning, but don’t forget to keep your heart open to the wisdom of the Universe.

420 in Dreams

One of the most potent places to see angel number 420 is in your dreams. Your dreams are where you go to process both the physical and metaphysical realities of your world, which is why important symbols often appear there.

If you had a dream where angel number 420 appeared, it is an affirmation that the positive changes you are working toward are on their way to becoming true. 

You will overcome all your problems and challenges with ease and grace if you remain patient and focus on maintaining hope. The changes that will happen may not be visible to you yet, but they are happening. 

Reasons You Keep Seeing 420

Angel number 420, like other angel numbers, is a significant number when it frequently appears in your life. It’s not uncommon to encounter the number 420, but if it’s starting to feel like you see it everywhere, it’s time to tune in and listen to its message.

Angel numbers can appear in a variety of ways. Telephone numbers, time, addresses, and other number sequences can contain angel numbers like the number 420. Seeing it once may not mean anything at all, so how do you know when it actually means something?

Look for repeating numbers or the same sequence of numbers appearing in different places to know whether it’s a coincidence or a message from the Universe. Noticing the date on April 20th (4/20) may not be significant, but the phone number 420-0420 might be.

The more you see the number 420, especially in the same context (work, love, family, spirituality), the more likely it is that it’s more than just a fluke. Keep your heart open to the messages of the Universe, especially when numbers like 420 catch your attention.

What Does It Mean When I See 420?

What angel number 420 means for you depends on the context in which you see it. If you see it frequently related to your professional life, its meaning applies to your work. 

Let’s say, for example, that you’ve just met a new potential business partner. They hand you their business card, and you realize the last three digits of their phone number and the middle three digits of their zip code are “420.” 

They ask if you can come to their office on April 20th (4/20). When you arrive, you find that they’re located in Suite 20 on the 4th floor (4-20). It’s a sunny spring day, but the temperature is a brisk 42 degrees (42°). By now, it should be clear that the Universe has a message for you.

In this case, it’s a powerful positive message. Your hard work and diligence have paid off in the form of a promising new partnership. By joining forces with this person, you both embark on a journey of incredible potential.

What Do the Numbers Mean in 420? 

In the case of the number 420, each digit (4, 2, and 0) has a specific interpretation. However, the numerological meaning of the number also includes the number 6 (4 + 2 + 0), and the order of the numbers (4, then 2, then 0) also influences the overall message of the number.

The sequence of the numbers in 420 is significant. While 4 symbolizes rationality, diligence, and logic, 2’s focus on unity suggests that a softer touch may be necessary to achieve the full potential of the final digit, 0. This is why 420 is often considered a symbol of balance.

Hard work and loyalty will get you where you want to be, but don’t pursue your goals at the expense of compassion and humanity. Perhaps it’s time to build a working partnership, seek a mentor, or play with your own ideas and combine them to create something huge.

Finally, the numerological significance of the number 6 (4 + 2 + 0) further solidifies the partnership energy of the central digit, 2. In numerology, six refers to partnerships of the heart - familial, friendly, or romantic. 

Have you been relying too much on your head in matters of the heart? The numerological context of the number 420 suggests that it may be time to let your heart lead the way.

Angel Number 420 in Love and Relationships

If you’re seeing angel number 420 frequently in relation to your romantic life, it suggests that a new beginning is coming. But that could have several different meanings, depending on where you currently are romantically. 

For those who are actively seeking love, angel number 420 suggests that perhaps a new intimate relationship is approaching. Continue to remain focused on your path (4), but keep your heart open (2) to the potential of this spark (0).

If you’re happy in your current relationship, angel number 420 signifies the strength of your bond. By balancing the hard work that it takes to maintain a partnership (4) with love, compassion, and an eye towards unity (2), your love’s potential is boundless (0).

On the other hand, angel number 420 has a positive message for those who are struggling in love, too. Remember that there’s a place for reason and logic (4), even when your heart feels conflicted in its tie to another person (2). 

But even if you feel like you’re losing right now, your beautiful journey is just beginning (0). Angel number 420 is a promise of comfort and hope to those who are weary in love.

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What Does Angel Number 420 Mean Spiritually?

When you keep seeing angel number 420 everywhere, it means that Universe is reminding you to become more aware of everything going on around and within yourself.

Perhaps you have been caught up at work or school, and your spirit guides are sending you the number 420 as a sign to continue on your spiritual walk.

Seeing angel number 420 everywhere means your angels are with you and only want the best for you.

The number 420 is a sign from your spirit guides reminding you to seek and pursue your purpose. Your angels want you to enjoy every moment of your journey.

Biblical Meaning of 420

In the Bible, the number 4 symbolizes creation - the four seasons and four celestial types (sun, moon, stars, and planets) that God created from nothingness (0).

The number 2 symbolizes unity - specifically the union of Adam and Eve from which all humans originated. In a more general sense, though, the number two symbolizes the eternal union of two humans in marriage and our individual union with God.

The Biblical significance of the number 0 is that alone, we are nothing, but with God, we are limitless. In this way, the Biblical meaning of 420 is similar to the meaning of the angel number 420 and the numerological interpretation.

420 Numerology Meaning

In numerology, each individual digit in a number sequence has a unique meaning, and the combination and order of those digits can help you interpret the number sequence more clearly. 

Number 4 in Numerology 

The number 4 in numerology is a number that represents reason, diligence, and stability. When there is a problem to be solved that requires clear and focused thinking, the number 4 is the energy to get it done. 

Number 2 in Numerology 

The number 2, on the other hand, has a softer meaning. It embodies feminine energy, particularly that of the Divine Feminine, and is a number that represents peace, reconciliation, and unity. This unity and cooperation can apply to relationships, ideas, or even objects.

Number 0 in Numerology 

While numerology generally focuses on the single digits 1 through 9, the number 0 is significant when it appears in the middle or at the end of a number sequence. It symbolizes the infiniteness of the Universe and the unlimited potential of nothingness.

Because nothing can only become something, and everything comes from the void, the numerological significance of the number 0 is both empty and infinite. It’s a number that’s complete in itself and promises an entire universe of potential.

Is Number 420 Good or Bad?

Some angel numbers and other symbols come with a warning, but 420 isn’t one of them. In fact, the combined messages of 420’s component parts (4, 2, 0, 6) promise potential, fulfillment, and harmony.

The angel 420 number often appears when there is a significant change coming your way. Perhaps you will soon have the opportunity to move or change jobs. No matter the change, angel number 420 is a sign of embracing that change.

The change will add more positivity to your life. Even if the change seems difficult, angel number 420 is a sign that it will ultimately work out for good. 

That’s not to say that the change will come easily. Even the most positive changes often bring growing pains and discomfort. However, angel number 420 is a message from the Universe that your heart is in the right place and that your guides will see you through. 

All you have to do is hang in there until the dust settles and trust that the Universe is putting the right people, partnerships, and situations in your path. Angel number 420 is your sign that it’s all coming together beautifully.