Angel Number 404 Meaning, Symbolism and Its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 3, 2022  
Angel Number 404

If you encounter angel number 404, consider yourself lucky—it’s a sign that your angels are encouraging you to uphold virtues that will help you elevate your passion and dreams.

I’ve encountered 404 myself on several occasions and will help shed light on its many meanings.

Angel Number 404 Meaning and Symbolism

The 404 angel number meaning is that it’s time to move negativity and overcome obstacles in your life. Your guardian angels send you this number to remind you to keep a positive mindset.

In turn, positivity will surround you in life.

There are always challenges in life. But when you see number 404, it’s a sign that you shouldn’t use obstacles as an excuse not to go after your goals. 

Your guardian angels love you. Therefore, they send you number 404 to encourage you to keep faith in yourself and practice patience when things don’t go as planned.

Furthermore, 404 is a reminder to look for the positives even in seemingly failed situations. Since the universe pre-determines your fate, no matter how badly you may want and work for a particular outcome, it won’t happen if they didn’t write it in the cards.

It’s up to you to accept this with grace, gratitude, and positivity.

Significance of Angel Number 404

Seeing number 404 is a sign from your angels that they want you to continue to dream big despite the many obstacles you’ll undoubtedly face. 

There are many branches of this 404 significance, including:

  • Remaining patient
  • Be ready to make sacrifices
  • Living your passion
  • Dreaming big

I’ll cover these in more detail now so that you can see how the appearance of angel number 404 applies to your life.

Remaining Patient

Patience plays a significant role in angel number 404. I know we can all relate to wanting things to happen fast, especially in our modern world.

But your angels may be sending you 404 to remind you that patience is a virtue that has withstood the test of time. It’s not a reason to get lazy, though.

On the contrary, your angels want you to practice patience while working hard towards your goal. 

Now isn’t the time to play things safe or small. Instead, you should dream big and take action accordingly. 

Be Ready to Make Sacrifices

Seeing angel number 404 means that some breakthroughs may be in store for you, particularly when it comes to your work and passion. 

Nevertheless, the universe isn’t going to hand it to you on a silver platter.

So, you’re going to need to put in the time. Working long hours, forgoing fun events, and temporarily reducing your time with friends may all be necessary sacrifices to reach your goals.

The good news is that these will be temporary changes.

Once you realize your goals, which ideally will coincide with your passion, you’ll be able to enjoy a more prosperous and positive life—just like your angels want.

Living Your Passion

You might already know your passion, in which case your angels may be sending you the number 404 to remind you to remain faithful to it.

But if you don’t know your passion, this is the time to discover it.

Your angels want you to find your true calling. By doing so, you’ll naturally radiate positivity and happiness.

Narrowing down a passion can be challenging, given the many options. But that’s not an excuse not to put in the effort.

Give your all to trying different hobbies and studies. Before you know it, you’ll find the passion that fills your soul and creates a positive impact on those around you.

Dreaming Big

If you already feel like you’re living your passion by making the necessary sacrifices to get there, your guardian angels may be gently pushing you to think again.

While you should never look down on where you came from, there’s always more you can do.

So, if you see number 404 and are already living a comfortable lifestyle both spiritually and physically, use this opportunity to assess your situation. 

How can you dream bigger? In what ways can you generate more positivity and goodwill for those around you?

For as long as your physical body is alive on this earth, you have a purpose. Cease this with positivity, gratitude, and patience.

Reasons You Keep Seeing 404

Seeing angel number 404 often is a positive sign. 

Your angels are sending it to you to encourage you to assess your work and inspire you to reflect on ways to align it more closely with your passion.

They may also send you number 404 as a high-five for already being on the right path with following your passion. 

There’s no reason to be fearful when you see number 404 repeatedly. 

Instead, use it as an opportunity to express gratitude. There are fewer better feelings in life than having a physical sign that your guardian angels are present and watching over you.

What It Means When You See 404

Angel number 404 is a sign that you need to harness the following qualities:

  • Preservation
  • Hard work
  • Spiritual expansion

So, when you see 404, it indicates that your angels want you to do both external and internal work. 

By tapping into yourself, you may find or re-discover your calling. 

What can you do to follow your passion and provide a positive service to others? What kind of patience and strength will you need to flex to develop your already known passion even further?

Not only will you achieve outward success by acting upon these questions, but you’ll receive spiritual awakening. 

And, of course, your angels will be right there beside you, guiding you along when you choose to stop and feel their presence.

Don’t feel bad if, after reading this, you’re still unsure about the message your angels are trying to convey to you by sending you 404. Instead, if you’re unsure, go inwards.

Using practices like meditation and prayer are excellent tools for discovering your true passion. 

They can also calm your mind, making it easier to bring patience into your life, especially when you’re making those big sacrifices.

Confirmation That You’re on the Right Path

Even though it might not feel like you’re on the right path when you see angel number 404, you undoubtedly are. 

Often, your angels may be sending you a sign that there’s something in your life preventing you from living your most passionate and happy self. 

Fear is usually the culprit.

So, when you see number 404, take a good look at your life. Be honest with yourself—have you been making excuses not to take a step forward in your career, business idea, or hobby that could lead you to greater heights?

Given that your angels sent you number 404, the answer is likely yes. 

Therefore, when you see 404, approaching your thoughts with an open mind is crucial to success. 

Remember, your angels love you, and they’re sending you 404 because they want you to discover the best version of yourself. 

Don’t forget to always remain humble and grateful to them, especially as you go on to achieve bigger dreams than you ever thought possible as a result.

Finding Answers Within

It’s human nature to seek the opinions of others. So, if your angels sense that you have a groundbreaking idea that you’re on the brink of sharing with people who may discourage you, they may send you number 404.

Building a positive relationship with your inner guidance is invaluable to your success.

Your angels know that you already have the answers and passion inside of you; they may be putting 404 in your path to remind you of this.

Furthermore, they might be trying to tell you that having steadfast concentration and determination is crucial to achieving your big dreams.

By allowing yourself to get distracted by the opinions of those around you, it’s easier to lose sight of these important qualities. 

Therefore, when you see angel number 404, use it as an opportunity to pause. Reflect on where you’re at and where you want to be.

Trust that you know yourself and your desires better than anyone (except, of course, your angels). Let your intuition guide you to the answers that are waiting within you.

Angel Number 404 in Love and Relationships

If you’re not yet in a relationship, get prepared—your angels might be telling you that true love is on its way when they send you number 404.

In contrast, the sign might not be as hopeful if you're already in a relationship.

It likely means that your angels know you’re not fully happy in your relationship. But before you break it off (which might end up being the best route), you should do everything you can to resolve differences with your partner and try to make it work.

What Does 404 Mean Spiritually?

When you see the number 404, it means that you’re spiritually on the right path. It’s a sign from your angels that you’ve been working hard to reach a goal that’s true to you.

Should you encounter challenges when working to reach that goal, number 404 signifies that you can always call on the support of your angels. 

They’re proud of you for your accomplishments and are there to love and support you.

Biblical Meaning of 404

The biblical meaning of number 404 is that everything happens for a reason and comes with a lesson.

Therefore, whether you’re experiencing something positive or negative, take this as an opportunity to grow. Maintaining your integrity is also paramount to how 404 relates to the bible.

404 Numerology Meaning

The two fours in 404 mean that you’re on the right path. 

As a result, you’re on the way to living life with a divine purpose. Thus, your angels may be showing you number 404 to cheer you on, wanting you to continue your efforts.

Furthermore, the numbers four and zero together mean that your angels have your back, waiting to protect you when you need it.

What Does 404 Mean for Twin Flames?

Seeing number 404 is a sign of love between twin flames.

That said, you should never push the connection—trust that it will happen in its own time. By living a life of love towards other people, the nature of number 404 is that love via your twin flame will eventually come back to you.

Angel Number 404: Doreen Virtue

According to metaphysician Doreen Virtue, angel number 404 is a sign that an angel is giving a person going through a difficult time a feeling of encouragement and peace.

And Doreen should know, given that she can see and communicate with angels.

So, if you’re struggling in life and see the number 404, ask your guardian angel to give you endurance and let yourself fill with a sense of peace.