Angel Number 1818 Meaning, Symbolism and its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 3, 2022  
Angel Number 1818

Do you feel as if you’re constantly seeing 1818 in your daily life? Maybe it’s popping up on license plates, addresses, or even phone numbers? 

Like any other angel number, the appearance of 1818 in your life isn’t a coincidence. So what does this mean, what does it symbolize, and what secrets does 1818 hold? Here’s everything you should know. 

Angel Number 1818 Meaning and Significance

The angel number 1818 can have many meanings. A sign of encouragement and divine love from your guardian angels is usually accurate.

It’s not uncommon for people to receive this number when they’re experiencing a difficult time in life or they feel like they’ve lost their purpose. Right when you feel like giving up, the presence of 1818 can be the dose of positive energy and divine love that you desperately need. 

The significance behind this number relates to positive energy, and it’s meant to keep you moving forward, even when you feel like there’s nowhere to go. Keep in mind that 1818 can mean that your luck is about to turn. 

You may have been struggling, but when you receive 1818, the universe is telling you to keep your mind centered on positive thoughts because you may be about to come into wealth and abundance. 

This number can also mean divine protection as you continue facing the obstacles in your path. Regardless of how difficult your life journey may be, your guardian angels have your back, and the meaning behind this angel number can reinforce that.

Number 1818 Symbolism and its Secret

This angel number may have its own meaning, but it’s important to break down the single digits here – 1 and 8. The number 1 is one of the most important angel numbers that you can receive and it usually indicates a fresh start or new beginning in your life. 

Rather than getting trapped in old patterns or routines, seeing the number 1 can motivate you to begin taking new steps – no matter how small – to change the path you’re on. This number is also associated with love and mercy from the angels, which helps guarantee success in your life mission. 

The number 8, however, often relates to spiritual growth and mental stability, and balance. You may feel as if you’re off-kilter or unbalanced, but this number can help you understand your life and your journey from a fresh perspective. 

Placing these numbers together amplifies the symbolism and secrets of each one. Not only do you get the universal love and mercy that comes with the number one, but the number eight helps you grow spiritually and find your inner balance. 

Together, you’ll be able to start fresh from past struggles or challenges and accomplish any goals and hidden desires that you have. 

What Does 1818 Mean Spiritually?

We’ve touched on the symbolism behind this angel number, but what does it mean spiritually? Spiritually, this number can indicate that you may have more inner power than you realize, and you may not be taking advantage of it. 

Those who are spiritually tied to this angel number may have leadership qualities even if they sometimes feel more comfortable sitting back and letting others lead. 

Whether it’s your life path or your spiritual journey, the angels may be pushing you to take a new step to fulfill your dreams and life purpose. 

Remember that if you want to move forward, the spiritual associations with 1818 remind you to leave your self-doubt behind if you want to embrace your inner power. Only you can harness your creative energy and talents, but too much self-doubt can stunt your progress and any new projects you try to take on. 

Biblical Meaning of 1818

Like many angel numbers, there are biblical associations with 1818 as well. Interestingly enough, 1818 often symbolizes bondage in the bible but also freedom from that bondage. 

One verse, Matthew 18:18 is a good example of this: “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” This verse can be interpreted that things that you feel like you’re emotionally bound to in life – whether that’s your career, relationships, or material items – will continue to follow you. 

Besides scriptures that contain this angel number, there are also plenty of instances where the number 18 is associated with bondage or freedom in biblical stories as well. 

For instance, the children of Israel were kept as slaves for 18 years until Saul became king and God freed them. 

After Jesus’ first pilgrimage at the age of 12 with his parents – which is also the only moment of his childhood that is mentioned in the Bible – he begins his ministry 18 years later when he’s 30. 

The angel number 18 can also represent spiritual bondage in the bible. One of the people that Jesus heals while teaching in a Synagogue is a woman with the ‘spirit of the infirmity,’ which had plagued her for 18 years. 

Whether it’s spiritual, physical, or emotional, the bible sees this angel number as a representation of bondage in your life – but also the freedom that can come when you’re liberated from that bondage. 

Reasons You Keep Seeing 1818

Like many angel numbers, 1818 is open for interpretation and it can hold several meanings for you, depending on your personal life journey and path. Here’s a couple of the most common reasons you may be receiving this message from the universe and your guardian angels. 

The first common reason some people may see 1818 is because they need encouragement and the angels are providing it via divine message. You may be unsure if you’re on the right path or if you’re moving in the right direction, but receiving this number can be the positive affirmation you need. 

Not only is your life headed in the right direction, but seeing this number again and again can represent that your current path is going to lead to wealth and abundance. 

This number can also be a reminder to show gratitude – the universe has granted you great talent and plenty of creative energy, but you shouldn’t hide these things away. You need to share your gifts with the world, and your guardian angels don’t want you to forget how much inner power you really hold. 

Remember – you may also find this angel number in your life when you’re feeling uncertain or unsure about where your life is headed. 

You may feel like giving up, especially if it seems like you’re constantly dealing with new obstacles, but this angel number can symbolize the divine protection that you have from your guardian angels. 

As long as you don’t allow self-doubt and self-pity to rule your life, you will achieve your goals and receive any wealth and abundance you want from the universe. 

Angel Number 1818 in Love and Relationships

In some cases, the number 1818 may hold specific meanings for your love life or relationships, regardless of whether you’re single or in love. There are strong associations between 1818 and love, but they’re all positive. Seeing this number can mean good things for your love life. 

In fact, those who often see 1818 usually have a loveable personality and you may naturally attract and draw people to you. Your loved ones constantly feel your love and may even speak about how kind and generous you are. 

People connected to this angel number are also not afraid to sacrifice or put their loved ones first. You may be used to making those around you a priority, even if it means putting their needs above your own. 

Unfortunately, your open heart and unconditional love can sometimes be taken advantage of, which can make it harder for you to trust new relationships and people. 

If you begin seeing 1818, it could be a sign from the angels that the universe knows you’ve got a gentle soul and the love you deserve is coming your way. If you’re already in a relationship, this number could symbolize that you’ve already found that love. 

However, if you’re still single and searching, seeing this number is a form of encouragement – you shouldn’t give up or close your heart to new opportunities because you’re going to meet someone who reciprocates your unconditional love. 

1818 Numerology Meaning

I’ve already touched on this briefly before, but the numerology meaning of 1818 is tied up in several other powerful numbers – 1, 8, 18, 81, and 818. All of these energies contribute to the meaning behind 1818, and they all bring positive connotations to your life. 

Number 1 symbolizes your own motivation as well as fresh starts and new beginnings, while number 8 signifies mental stability, good judgment, and leadership. Both numbers have ties to authority, so those who see 1818 often have natural leadership skills. 

The number 18 combines the energies of 1 and 8 and often serves as encouragement to start new projects in your life – whether that’s in your career, your love life, or otherwise. 

These combined energies make the angel number 1818 an extremely powerful number to receive and one that can help protect you from negative thoughts or self-doubt. 

1818 Twin Flame Number

Twin flames are an important part of spiritualism, and 1818 is a powerful twin flame number sequence. Oftentimes, those who see 1818 have not met their twin flame yet, but they may be about to, and the universe is helping you prepare for this event. 

You may be about to meet your twin flame suddenly, but regardless of how it happens, you may recognize them just by their own energy, which should mirror yours. 

Don’t ignore the 1818 twin flame number when it comes into your life, and if anything, you may treat it as a divine wake-up call for the presence of your twin flame. 

Angel Number 1818 Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is one of the most famous spiritualists and is often known for the great insight she can provide about universal messages and angel numbers.

When it comes to angel number 1818, Doreen Virtue believes that this is a number that comes directly from your guardian angels and one that you shouldn’t ignore. 

1818 is like a wake-up call, and even if you feel like you’re lost or you’re headed in the wrong direction, receiving this message can remind you to think positively and that your luck is about to turn around. 

18:18 Mirror Hour

Have you checked the time on your phone or watch and discovered that it was a mirror hour? Mirror hours happen when you’ve got the same numbers in hours and minutes – like 11:11 or 18:18. 

It may seem like a coincidence if you happen to look at the time during the 1818 mirror hour, but it’s usually not. This is another way the angels can communicate their message to you, and seeing this mirror hour can mean you’re about to experience positive changes in your life. 

It’s not unusual for people to experience the 1818 mirror hour when they’re feeling alone or unsure as this is a way for the angels to remind you that they’ve got your back and their divine energies are protecting you. 

You may also find the 1818 mirror hour when you’re dealing with mental stability and spiritual enlightenment. You may not understand what is happening, but your guardian angels are communicating to you that it’s time to keep pushing forward. 

Moving forward may not always seem easy, but this angel number can not only give you the strength and encouragement you need – but it can also communicate that there is wealth and abundance in your future too.