Angel Number 144 Meaning, Symbolism, and Its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 3, 2022  
Angel Number 144

For the third consecutive day, you’ve seen 1:44 when looking to see the time. If you see the same number repeatedly, you can trust that it isn’t a coincidence. The angels want you to receive their messages, so they encourage you to see numbers in places you regularly look. 

Angel number 144 is a sign from your spiritual guardians. They want you to know they are trying to contact you, and they have something important to tell you. Open your heart and mind to receive the message. 

Angel Number 144 Meaning and Symbolism

This angel number includes the number one and a pair of fours, making a powerful number regarding change and success. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that this sign from the angels offers encouragement for beginning anew and reaping the rewards. 

The number one is a sign that you need a change, especially one that lets you show off your prowess, assertiveness, and ambition. The pair of fours offer additional energy that helps you develop a foundation of dependability and honesty that will guide you toward success. 

Since the angels are guiding you to see the 144 angel number meaning, you can trust that the outcome of the new endeavor will be positive. 

When the angels send a sign like a number 144, they want good things for you. They never send messages that deliver sadness or disappointment. This sign from the angels will help you listen to your intuition and enter into a new stage of your life. 

They will only send positive energy your way. You can trust that you cannot fail as long as the angels are by your side. 

Angel number 144 is a sign that you can manifest your goals, especially with this new venture. Don’t let anyone stand in your way. Don’t take no for an answer. Miracles will happen, but you have to believe the angels will make them happen for you. 

The combination of one and a pair of fours offers an increased vibration that includes messages about self-discipline. Your venture can be a practical one, but the energy around it draws you to it. 

The angel number reminds you to be diligent in achieving your goals. To get there, you’ll have to look at details, rather than taking in the big picture. 

Look closely at how the new venture will help you and your loved ones because they will either doubt your success or push you toward it. 

As you get closer to the new venture, the angels will send you clues, usually with 144 in them. You’ll see the number appear in transactions and when special events occur. 

The number will appear when you meet an influential person. Stay on the lookout for the number as an additional sign from your guardian angels.

Significance of Angel Number 144

The number 144 offers signs from the angels. They involve the need for acting with discipline to solve essential problems as you work toward a new goal. Each message includes energy that you might have missed when you weren’t aware of the message from the angels. 

With the significant angel number 144, your mind and body are vibrating at a higher level. You are ready for the new ventures that are coming your way. The additional energy from the fours will help you achieve your goal because you are practical and disciplined. 

Reasons You Keep Seeing Angel Number 144

The number one reason you keep seeing angel number 144 is that the angels want you to see it. They know you have a goal to achieve, and they want to help you enter the new venture. 

Once you realize that the angels are talking to you, they’ll send more messages. If they continue to see 144, then you know they believe your independence, work ethic, and prowess are still functioning properly. They want you to achieve your goal before you move to another one. 

If you continue to see angel number 144, you still need to complete the task. The angels believe in you. They know you can get the job done. They see what you are capable of doing, and they want to help you. Trust them, because they trust you. 

As you work toward the goal, you’ll recognize what the angels know: the venture showcases your personality and passion. This goal is for you, and only you. 

But, when you reach it, you’ll be able to help other people. It’s a win-win situation for you and the people you love. The auspicious number will change your life. But, you have to realize that the angels want you to see it, and pay attention to the lesson behind it.

What Does It Mean When I See 144?

The number 144 is a sign from the angels. They want you to know how easy it is for you to achieve your goals - no matter how big they are. 

However, if your goal is big, you’ll have to work harder to accomplish it, than if your goal is smaller. Break up your big goal into smaller goals, so you can see growth through the process. 

The angels want you to be realistic with yourself because they trust your abilities. They know you have what it takes. 

Too often, people fail to manifest their goals because they believe they will fail. You shouldn’t do this. The 144 angel number meaning is about success. The angels wouldn’t send the number if they thought you would fail. 

They only believe you will succeed. That is the true meaning behind this sign from the angels. Nothing will get in your way because the angels won’t let anyone impede your success. 

Angel Number 144 in Love and Relationships

The deep meaning behind angel number 144 is success, but it also has a message tied to relationships. 

Since the angels sent the number because they want you to succeed, they also want you to share your ideas with your loved ones. They want you to tell the truth about your goals so your loved ones can help you achieve them. 

The angels also want you to be honest, because they don’t want your loved ones to slow you down. You must achieve your goals, and you can’t let anyone get in the way. You have to be truthful about this to your friends and family. 

Your dedication to your goals might frustrate people who love you. They might want to slow you down. They might see your strength and determination as a weakness, but you can’t let them do that to you. You need their support, not their discouraging words. 

Tell them the truth and stand by it, no matter what they think or say about you. 

When you tell the truth, you’ll have a powerful relationship that will benefit from the goal you achieve. Relationships take two, so you have to listen to your partner and encourage them to be honest with you. 

Listen to your partner and work through the problems together. You’ll find that you develop a stronger bond because you solve problems together. You don’t leave each other over weaknesses. 

Your partner will see your path in life. Hopefully, your partner will encourage you, because the angels have given you the path. They’ve also given you the trust in yourself to be able to share your thoughts honestly with your partner. 

Your relationship will strengthen because you have the angels helping you through the difficulties. Remember, the only way out is through. 

What Does 144 Mean Spiritually?

Anytime an angel sends an auspicious number your way, you can trust it has a spiritual message tied to it. They want you to understand that your choices have consequences. You have to make good choices, especially the choices the angels want you to achieve. 

You know what is right and wrong because the angels will help you decide. Trust that they will only steer you in the right direction. You will make the choices they want you to make. 

Biblical Meaning of 144

Angel number 144 includes several important numbers. The first is one. This number is perfect because it is only divisible by itself. It showcases unity, which is what you need to achieve your goals. 

You need your loved ones to support you, so you provide a unified face. Your goal might be a sacrifice, which is what happened in the Bible to achieve forgiveness. 

The Biblical meaning of one is also connected to the Sabbath. You can take the spiritual meaning of one as a reminder that you need a day to rest, a day for you to recover from the work you’re doing to achieve your goal. 

The number four also has significance in the Bible. The number is the day of creation. On the fourth day, God separated day and night and created the seasons. Angel number four wants you to create, too. 

144 Numerology Meaning

The numerology behind 144 is about self-reliance and a strong foundation. The number shows independence and methodic work toward a goal. This number is important, which is why the angels sent it to you. 

In numerology, it’s important to add the numbers together to get the true meaning. Adding 1+4+4 is nine. This number compliments 144 because it showcases tolerance, generosity, and success. 

You’ve got dreams to achieve, and the power behind 144 and nine will help you get there. Remember that nothing will stand in your way because the angels want you to get to the finish line. 

What Does 144 Mean for Twin Flames

With a twin flame, you have a mirror to analyze. Your twin flame has a goal to achieve, independence to gain, and people to love. Many people might become afraid of so many tasks, but not those with twin flames. 

You can watch your twin flames go through the same struggle. You can learn from each other and share advice. The angels want you both to succeed, and they’ll put you on similar paths toward success. 

Angel Number 144: Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue knows angel numbers well because she’s done extensive research. She recognizes that this angel number combination will enhance your vibrations so you can use your tenacity to achieve a goal. 

With the number nine, you’ll have faith in yourself and your angels. You have to trust their messages because the signs from the angels always come true. They want you to succeed, and they know you have the gifts to do it.