Angel Number 1155 – Meaning, Symbolism and Its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 3, 2022  
Angel Number 1155

Numbers have a lot of meaning, and repeatedly seeing the same number is a sign you need to interpret. Understanding what numbers mean can help you change the course of your life.

If you keep seeing the number 1155 on clocks, license plates, receipts, phone numbers, or anywhere else in your life, I can help you decode the 1155 angel number meaning.

Angel Number 1155 Meaning and Significance

You can interpret angel number 1155 in two meaningful ways. First, it’s a sign to trust in your beliefs and feel strong in who you are as a person. Others might try to change you for their own reasons, but you should feel confident in who you are.

Angel number 1155 tells you that the choices you make when faced with decisions are the right choice. You shouldn’t feel the need to get approval from others because you’re trusting yourself.

It can also be a sign from guardian angels that you need to find your truth. If you don’t have the confidence previously mentioned, your angels are telling you that it’s inside of you, and you need to embrace it.

You might feel intimidated about making changes and taking charge in your everyday life, but the number 1155 shows that you’re capable of all of that and more.

What Does It Mean When I See 1155?

The number 1155 shows that change is coming your way. Whether the transition is smooth or a struggle, you know the angels are on your side. They’ll help you navigate the situation so you can take advantage of the opportunities the angel number 1155 brings.

Because you’ve seen the angel number 1155 so many times, you can know that change is upon you. The angels are telling you because they know it’s a positive change in your life. You should stay energized and excited about what’s to come, even if it seems like an obstacle right now.

The angels never give you more than you can handle. Getting a clue that change is coming shows you that this is something that will change your life. The angels know you’re ready for it, and they’ll support you through the challenge.

The changes brought about by 1155 usually relate to your personal life. If you love your life as it is now, you might feel afraid about the possibility of change. However, the more you see 1155, the more you know the angels are looking out for you and guiding you through this time.

It’s normal to be afraid, but you should trust in the angels. They lead you down this path because they know you have the courage to make changes in your life. These changes will add to your happiness.

Number 1155 Symbolism and Its Secret

With 1155 meaning change is coming, you might wonder what parts of your life will change. There is no limit to what can change, including your job, relationship, or personal traits and hobbies. 

The angels know you’re ready for change, but they won’t give you more than you can handle.

When people see 1155, they’re inspired to work on themselves most of the time. You can interpret this as a sign that you should strengthen your character, inner peace, and power. Doing so makes you feel even more prepared for any changes that come your way in the future.

Taking charge of your life after encountering 1155 gives you more wisdom about how to react to things you experience. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by changes and problems, you’ll see them as an obstacle to overcome and learn from.

Therefore, changing your attitude is a crucial component of seeing angel number 1155. Knowing how to react in every situation will help you clear your mind to avoid getting frustrated. Optimism goes a long way towards adjusting to changes, so it’s an integral part of 1155.

What Does 1155 Represent?

Though the core of 1155 is working on yourself to strengthen your character, it also involves other people. The number might ask you to change, but you shouldn’t, in turn, ask those around you to change.

Learning from angel number 1155 means you’re learning to accept others as they are. You should have patience with them and receive any wisdom they might have to offer you.

What Does 1155 Mean Spiritually?

Angel number 1155 encompasses optimism. You should take this time to strengthen yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Anytime a negative thought crosses your mind, it has the power to impact your whole self. Harnessing the power of 1155 restricts those negative thoughts.

Guardian angels help you stay optimistic, which in turn strengthens your interior life. When you feel happy, fulfilled, and grateful for all you have, the angels reward you with numbers like 1155, which help you stay on that positive path.

Biblical Meaning of 1155

In biblical terms, 1155 refers to the truthfulness of God. You’re focusing on God as the only deity to worship. You can see this singular focus in other interpretations of 1155 as well.

God is trustworthy and reliable. Because He’s so consistent, you can find peace and security in his promises and revelations. 

You can see this reliability in other meanings of 1155, even when applied to your personal life. You should fully trust and believe in yourself just as you believe in God. You should feel reliable and secure in your ideas, which gives you the strength to move forward with confidence.

God does not lie, speaks the truth, and stays true to Himself. These qualities are important to embody when you encounter angel number 1155. 

Your guardian angels are showing you the importance of these characteristics and showing you a spirit that exemplifies them.

Angel Number 1155 in Love

Seeing the number 1155 has a positive impact in terms of love. If you’re struggling in a toxic relationship, seeing 1155 means that the end is near. Your personal freedom associated with this number means you’ll escape from a negative relationship.

The angels know you deserve a love that is joyful and fulfilling. To find that love, you have to end the toxic relationship first.

Though you don’t need to be in a bad relationship, you can learn a lot from it. The angel number 1155 appears to show you that you’ve learned all you can from the current situation and deserve to move on—something much better waits for you.

Don’t let the negative relationship drag you down. You’ve learned what you want from a partner and respect yourself enough to not settle for anything less. If you weren’t ready, you wouldn’t see 1155 at this point. You’re ready for change, and the angels know it’s the right moment.

1155 Numerology Meaning

The angel number 1155 has two repeating digits of 1 and 5.

The number 1 means the beginning, or a fresh start, as demonstrated by the change that is sure to come your way. This new start can refer to anything in your personal journey, social circle, or professional life.

The number 5 refers to decision-making. When you embark on a fresh start, it’s only natural that you’ll have to make decisions along the way. The repeating 5 shows that you’re going to make the right decisions, even though they may seem difficult at the moment.

The angel number 1155 has the root number 3. Break the number down as far as you can, first by adding 1+1+5+5 to get 12. Then add 1+2 to get 3. 

In numerology, 3 relates to expansion, energy, and creativity. Knowing that this number is at the root of 1155 should help you see how positive the coming changes can be.

The energy in 3 lights your internal spark and allows you to get in touch with your most profound wisdom.

Reasons You Keep Seeing 1155

You’re seeing 1155 repeatedly because it’s time for your life to change. You know you need a fresh start, and the angels are reinforcing that idea with double digits.

This number is a source of confidence and inspiration because it tells you that you’re on the right path. You need a change and should feel qualified to make it.

You might feel uncertain about making a change, but this angel number is a source of support. You’re seeing it because the angels know you need the encouragement it delivers. If you doubt any decisions in your life, 1155 shows you’re doing the right thing.

Interesting Facts About Number 1155

Angel numbers are rarely straightforward, so learning these facts about 1155 might help you better understand the possible meanings behind the sequence.

  • This angel number is the essence of positivity, so you shouldn’t worry about the changes coming your way.
  • When you see 1155, it’s a sign that the time is right to make these changes, even if they seem daunting.
  • Just because 1155 implies change doesn’t mean you’ll immediately know what to change. You might need some time to think about it.
  • This angel number is a great sign of love because it promises positive connections.
  • The number is a vote of confidence for you to take control of your life, so you’ll feel empowered when you see it.

1155 Twin Flame Number

Seeing 1155 as a twin flame number should energize you. The number signifies that you’re ready because it implies that time is almost up. But this doesn’t mean your time on earth! Instead, it’s a sign from the angels that you’ve bided your time and are ready for something new.

The idea of a twin flame is a mirror. In the number 1155, the repetition of the digits is an instance of the twin flame.

In your personal life, the twin flame is someone with the same personality as you. They are your soulmate, and you’re lucky to find them. Therefore you should feel excited about seeing 1155.

The twin flame doesn’t necessarily refer to a love partner, though it can. Finding a twin flame friendship is just as fulfilling as a twin flame romantic partner. It’s like finding someone perfectly compatible with you, regardless of the type of relationship you share.

Seeing the angel number 1155 doesn’t mean you’re sure to encounter your twin flame immediately, but it’s a good sign. The angels are showing you this number for you to have faith in them and to know that you aren’t alone.

Angel Number 1155 Doreen Virtue

I’ve studied numerology for years. In childhood, numbers kept jumping out at me. I thought it was just how I noticed patterns, but I quickly realized that these numbers influenced my life.

Once I saw how numbers could affect me, I started learning about them as much as possible. I knew that I could harness the power of numbers to guide me on the right path and help me feel confident when changes occur.

When you see the numbers 1 and 5 together, not only do their traits blend seamlessly, but they are even more powerful. When you see repeating numbers, it’s a sign of multiplied energies.

The number 1 focuses on who you are internally. You’re supposed to find your inner strength and know how it empowers you to accomplish anything that comes your way. Since the number 1 repeats, this energy doubles.

The number 5 focuses on the potential sudden changes in life. No one can ever coast through life on the path they expected. Instead, different speed bumps and obstacles get in your way. 

When you feel strong in who you are, as signified by the number 1, you have the power to handle any change that comes your way, as shown in the number 5.

You should feel energized by the possibilities and empowered to take control of your life. If you harness the power of this number and focus on yourself and your goals, you won’t go off course.

Seeing angel number 1155 signifies that you should search your soul and find what’s most important to you. Follow that desire so you can live your true purpose.