Angel Number 11 Meaning, Symbolism and its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 5, 2022  
Angel Number 11

Have you been seeing the number 11 pop up in your life? Or is it located on your numerological chart? 

This might not be a coincidence  – 11 is one of the most important numbers you’ll see in numerology, and many people believe that it contains one of the most profound messages you can receive. 

Keep reading for a detailed explanation of what the angel number 11 can mean for you if it’s appearing in your life or on your numerological chart. 

Angel Number 11 Meaning and Significance

Considered the Master Number, the number 11 is considered a symbol of your spiritual awakening and if you’re seeing it pop up in your life, it may mean that it’s time for you to spend more time focusing on the spiritual side of your life. 

Keep in mind that the number 11 is two ones side by side, so it can be a symbol for new beginnings and opportunities that may be coming your way. Those who see the number 11 may have a strong sense of life purpose, but it’s time for your intuition to guide your life path. 

The number 11 is also called Teacher, and it may be teaching you lessons that will be crucial for your life journey and your spiritual awakening. 

When angels send you this number, it often means they’ve heard your prayers and they’re reminding you of what your life’s true purpose is and your strong sense of intuition. 

Number 11 Symbolism and Its Secret

What does the number 11 symbolize for you and what kind of secrets does it hold? Well, this angel number is extremely spiritual, and it’s not a coincidence if you’re finding it in your life. 

Many people consider it to be a number that symbolizes and represents creative energy, intuition, and even enthusiasm. 

In some cases, seeing 11 in your life can be a sign from the angels that you’re surrounded by negative people. 

Pessimistic influences can affect your own negative thinking and make you cynical, and seeing this master number may be a symbol that it’s time to interact with more positive people or think more optimistically. 

Those who are connected to the number 11 have an important spiritual journey and life path to follow, although you may not always know what it is or how your creative energy can help you. 

You may also find that you’ve got a great sense of intuition and consider yourself to be a natural observer. 

If this number is your angel number, it often means that you’re destined to help others, achieve great things, and serve the greater good of humanity. 

What Does 11 Mean Spiritually?

This master number comes with a great cosmic message, although not everyone who receives the number 11 may understand why they’re seeing it. 

Since the number 11 has a spiritual meaning associated with enlightenment and achievement, its presence can be a form of encouragement from the angels. 

You may have a great purpose, but your current life path may be blocked or challenged by an obstacle  – even if you feel like giving up, this number is a clear sign of divine energy that you are not alone and your guardian angels are watching over you. 

Rather than walk away from your divine purpose, it’s time to continue developing your intuitive abilities, your creative energy, and work toward achieving your bigger goals. 

Biblical Meaning of 11

Many of the angel numbers are also found in the Bible and other biblical texts and that includes the master number 11. 

While the number 10 represents law, order, and responsibility in the Bible, the number 11 reflects the opposite  – it’s a symbol of irresponsibility, chaos, and even breaking the law. 

You can see this meaning reflected in some biblical stories, including the situation described in Genesis 11. After the men rebel against God by building the tower of Babel, God judges them and creates chaos by confusing their languages. 

In another instance, one of the last kings of Judah, ruled for exactly 11 years. His successor only ruled for three months before Jerusalem was overtaken. 

Another interesting note is that the apostle, John, foresaw 11 things in connection with the final judgment in the book of Revelations. 

You may also notice that the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are ancient Hebrew manuscripts, were found in 11 different caves and there are 11 New Testament books that do not include any direct quotes from the Old Testament. 

This master number shows up time and time in connection with the Bible, but what does it mean biblically? Despite being a sign of chaos or disorder, many people believe that seeing this number can be a message asking if you are off-center or off-kilter from your spiritual journey. 

Seeing the number doesn’t automatically mean you’re unbalanced, but it can be an opportunity to reconnect with your intuitive soul or to reflect on your own spiritual awakening. 

Reasons You Keep Seeing 11

We’ve already touched on the biblical and spiritual meanings of the number 11, but what does it mean if you’re seeing it in your life? This master number can show up in countless ways  – you may see this number on its own, but you can also see it repeated, like 11:11 or 11/11.

You can read the meaning of the number 1111 here.

Don’t be surprised if you see this number show up on clocks, dates, license plates, phone numbers, or any other instance in your daily life. Regardless of how you find it, here’s what seeing this number may mean for your own life. 

As we’ve mentioned, being a Master number means that the number 11 holds a special cosmic message, but it can also suggest that the meaning behind this number is open for interpretation. 

One possible reason you may be seeing this number more often is because your guardian angels are letting you know that you’re about to enter a crucial (but exciting) time in your life. 

This change may not seem like a good thing at first, but it could jumpstart your spiritual awakening or personal growth. 

Seeing 11 in your life means that you’re receiving positive energy from the angels, and it’s time to open your mind, heart, and soul to new changes. Resisting the change will only stunt your spiritual and personal growth. 

In some cases, people may see the number 11 because they’ve been putting their life on pause, but the angels are trying to remind you that it’s time to follow your spiritual journey and true life’s purpose. 

It’s time to channel your creative energy and talents into making the world a better place. 

For this reason, you can consider the number 11 to be like a “wake-up call” from the universe. Take action, reconnect with your intuition, and fulfill your life’s mission. If you ignore the number 11 when it appears, don’t be surprised if you keep seeing it pop until you acknowledge it. 

Those who are connected to this number are often a source of inspiration for those around them, so you shouldn’t feel nervous about embracing your true calling or welcoming the new changes that come your way  – whether that’s in your career, relationship, or some other part of your life. 

Keep in mind that once you see this master number, it’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for other possible changes in your life. 

Are you suddenly hearing about a new promotion at work? Has an old friend you haven’t talked to in years suddenly come back into your life? Or maybe you’ve found love in a way you didn’t expect? 

Chances are, these new opportunities that are unfolding for you aren’t a coincidence  – and may be connected to the sudden appearance of the number 11 in your daily life. 

Angel Number 11 in Love and Relationships

While the number 11 could also be connected to career, friends, or family, what does it mean for your love life? There are strong connections between this master number and love, and it’s not unusual for it to hold a special meaning for your love life. 

In fact, this number may be a sign that your success in love will be guaranteed, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in love shortly after seeing the number 11.

For those that are single or haven’t met the love of their life yet, the number 11 can symbolize that your soulmate is coming your way and even sooner than you expect. 

There is positive energy circulating around you, and your soulmate will be drawn to those positive vibrations from the universe. It’s important to note that seeing the number 11 doesn’t mean you won’t have to put in the effort to find your soulmate. 

The universe may be telling you that your soulmate is out there, but in many cases, it’s still up to you to find them. You may have felt unlucky in love before, but this number serves as a reminder that an amazing relationship is still on the horizon for you. 

If you’re already in a relationship, seeing the number 11 can have a couple of different interpretations. 

If you’re in a toxic relationship that’s been making you unhappy, the number 11 can be a positive sign that it’s time to make some changes  – the person you’re with may be stunting your personal growth, and it’s time to move on so that you can find your true love. 

However, if you’re in a relationship and feel as if you’re with your soulmate, this master number doesn’t mean you have to leave them. Rather, it can represent that the universe is going to take your relationship to the next level. 

This can be a physical change  – like getting engaged or married  – but it can also just mean that you’re about to see your partner from a new perspective. You may experience a deeper understanding of them or strengthen your connection with them. 

Regardless of the specific meaning, it’s important to keep your heart open if you see the number 11. New opportunities are coming your way, and you should receive them with an open heart. 

11 Numerology Meaning

As we’ve touched on before, the number 11 in numerology is a Karmic number, so it’s related to your spiritual awakening and enlightenment. By itself, the number one represents being proactive, leadership, and creative energy. 

Seeing this number side-by-side is only a stronger message that it may be time to embrace your inner leader or channel your creative energy into something productive. 

If you see the number 11 twice  – as in 1111, the energy you’re receiving is even more amplified. 

You’re surrounded by positive energy and vibrations from the universe, but ultimately, it’s up to you to receive this number’s message with an open mind and heart. 

11 Twin Flame Number

The number 11 can also be connected to your twin flame journey, especially if you have yet to meet your twin flame or they haven’t been in your life recently. 

If you haven’t met your twin flame yet, this number can symbolize that you’re about to  – and possibly, you may meet or reunite with them in a way you didn’t expect to. 

Keep in mind that a twin flame isn’t always a romantic relationship. Your twin flame could be a close friend, but regardless, meeting this person will feel like you’re looking into a mirror. 

They’ll be your perfect match, and while they may not be able to read your thoughts, it’ll feel like they can. 

Angel Number 11: Doreen Virtue

You may have already heard of the famous spiritualist Doreen Virtue. She believes that the 11 angel number meaning is like receiving a large dose of positivity and joy from your angels and heaven.

This number guarantees happiness and success, but you may only find this joy if you adjust your own mindset to be more positive as well. 

Any achievements or goals you reach will start with you believing in yourself, and even if your life path isn’t easy, the number 11 still guarantees your success. 

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