Angel Number 000 – Meaning, Symbolism, and its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 3, 2022  
000 Angel Number

I'm sure you've come across a number here and there that just seems to appear everywhere you go. Maybe you always happen to check the clock at a particular time or come across license plates with the same set of numbers. 

No matter where you go, though, they just seem to pop up. 

Those repeating numbers aren't a coincidence, and you're not crazy for thinking there might be some higher meaning to their frequent appearance. Coming across the number 000 has a much deeper significance than you may have once considered.

These numbers are called angel numbers, and they're proof that we exist in a universe where divine forces regularly touch our lives.

Angel numbers are the universe's way of communicating with you. They're signs that your guardian angels are trying to tell you something significant about your place in life or the path you're on. 

Not only do they signify a solid connection to the world around you, but they indicate you have a deep connection with the Creator, too.

Angel Number 000 Meaning and Significance

The 000 angel number means openness, endless possibilities, and a new beginning. You'll see this number when your life is on the cusp of change or when there is an influx of new energy. 

When you come across angel number 000, it means you need to open your eyes and mind to the changing circumstances around you. 

Angel number 000 signifies a rebirth, which means you should consider taking some time to view the world from a fresh perspective. So if you see this number, you should recognize that this is the angels' way of telling you to set your foot on a new path. 

Number 000 Symbolism and its Secret

Angel number 000 indicates you have strong, unwavering support from the angels who are watching over you. It signifies a deep connection to the universe and everything in it. Accept and embrace that connection because not everyone is lucky enough to have it.

000 also symbolizes the source from which everything that exists originated. It represents the beginning and the end, or the infinite cycle of the universe. When you see angel number 000, you are experiencing a connection between your inner self and that cycle of creation. 

The connection between you and the universe should be cultivated and cared for. In doing so, you'll be able to achieve your true potential in life.

What Does 000 Mean Spiritually?

Just as Angel number 000 represents a new beginning, its purpose is also to show you that it's time to open your heart and spirit to a new awakening. So when you see your angel number, you should know with certainty that the angels are helping awaken your spirit. 

Angel number 000 also shares connections with the Bible and God as the Creator. 

Biblical Meaning of 000

The 000 angel number also represents eternity and God's infinite nature by extension. God is an ever-present force within the universe, which means He's an ever-present force within you. 

God's presence is discussed time and again throughout the Bible. If the angels choose to communicate with you using angel number 000, you may want to take a closer look at references to God's nature in the Bible.

Coming across angel number 000 should remind you that God will always be present to offer you peace, security, and protection. His presence will allow you to navigate whatever difficulties come your way and come out on top in the end.

Angel Number 000 in Love and Relationships

The 000 angel number meaning is quite significant when it comes to love and relationships. Not only does it represent a new path before you, but it also indicates strong unity with those you share a relationship with. 

If love and relationships were on your mind when you happened to come across angel number 000, that's likely where you should look for potential to grow and change. This is true whether you're in a romantic relationship or single.

If you see angel number 000, it could mean that the angels are encouraging you to examine your relationships at a deeper level. It could be time to work at reducing your limitations or breaking down any barriers to love you may have erected in your search for a partner.

Don't stop by just examining your love life, though. All relationships require a connection between you and another person. So take a look at what you were thinking about when you saw 000. Then, consider whether those thoughts connect to any relationships in your life that might be either lacking or growing. 

What to do When You See Number 000

If you see the number 000, you should take a closer look at your life circumstances to understand what the angels are trying to tell you. In doing so, you'll be able to embark on the journey that lies before you.

Now is the time to take note of your heart's desire. Examine your hopes and dreams, then look at the possibilities you now have thanks to your deep connection with the Creator. You might find that those hopes and dreams aren't as far out of reach as you once thought.

When 000 presents itself to you, it's time to take a deep look within yourself and allow your intuition to guide you down your new path. But, most importantly, you should trust that the universe and your angels have sent you in the right direction. 

000 Twin Flame Number

Your twin flame is essentially your soul mate, or the person who perfectly reflects you. They are capable of understanding and connecting with you at a spiritual level. Not everyone is lucky enough to find their twin flame, so take your angel number as a sign that you may find yours soon.

If you've already found your twin flame, the appearance of angel number 000 may mean something is preventing your relationship from seeing its full potential. Now would be the time to examine those barriers and break them down.

Or, your angel number could be preparing you for a new journey in your relationship. Take time to look back at the cycle that's ending and try to discover how you and your partner have grown in that time.  

000 Numerology Meaning

Numerology allows you to draw meaning from the numbers, letters, and symbols you encounter in your everyday life. You can use those meanings to find your Life Path and Destiny Numbers, which can provide insight into life's purpose, your future path, and aspects of your personality. 

Although most people might see the number 0 and assume it means nothingness, that's actually far from the truth. 

In numerology, the number 0 represents infinity and immortality. It's also the number from which all other numbers begin. Similarly, 000 is the first of the angel numbers, giving it the power of creation.

The 000 angel number meaning in numerology is support. The angels are offering you guidance on whatever new journey you're about to embark on. The universe has chosen to give you a fresh start, which could mean great things for your future.

Angel Number 000 Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is an author and former spiritualist who wrote several books that explored all aspects of spiritualism, including angel numbers. According to her, angel numbers are a type of divine energy that will help you connect to your innermost self. 

Doreen believed these numbers were a way for angels to exert influence over your life by directing you toward a new path. It was also her belief that angel number 000 signified a link to the Creator that prophesied a rebirth or new beginning. 

The appearance of this number means it's time to reassess your priorities and see what's truly the most critical aspect of your life. Not doing so will cause you to waste your spiritual energy, preventing you from embracing whatever change is coming your way. 

Although Doreen no longer considers herself a spiritualist, her work continues to benefit those who find peace in understanding what angel numbers mean.  

Interesting Facts About Number 000

One interesting fact about the number 000 is that it is also the number for emergency services in Australia. The Australian Communication and Media Authority runs the emergency call service and is used for life-threatening emergencies.

Much like the angels who act as your protectors, so, too, do the emergency service workers who come to your aid when you call.

5 Reasons You Keep Seeing 000

There are a handful of reasons the universe might be showing you the number 000, all of which involve embracing the deeper connection that's forming between you and the universe. I'll lay out the five most likely reasons here, and you can determine which you think applies to you.

A New Path Has Been Laid Before You

Look at the world around you and closely examine your current circumstances. The presence of angel number 000 could mean something in your world or life might be about to change. 

000 could also mean that you're about to embark on a new spiritual journey. Embrace that new path and see where it takes you. You may discover things about yourself you never thought possible.

It's Time to Look at Your Energy

When you see the number 000, there's one crucial question you should ask yourself: Are you putting positive or negative energy into the universe? If you find yourself gravitating toward the negative all too often, then try to shift your mindset. 

One way to shift your mindset is to start looking for a silver lining in every situation. It might be difficult at first, but over time, as you build your inner strength, you'll be able to look past the bad and find the good.

You're More In-tune With Your Higher Self

Your higher self is the inner voice that guides you through life. It's your intuition making itself known. When your inner voice speaks to you, it's vital that you take the time to listen.  

The presence of 000 means you could be merging your higher self with the person who moves about the world each day. This merge will allow you to understand yourself at a deeper, more spiritual level. 

You're Strengthening Your Connection to the Universe

When the number 000 appears, that means the angels are reaching out to you. Accept that connection and let the angels support you on whatever new path you're on. Allow the angels to show you the bigger picture so you can get a fresh perspective on the world around you.

Strengthening your connection to the universe also means listening when the universe tells you to change paths. That shift doesn't mean you were heading in the wrong direction. It just means you have a new opportunity to build your inner strength.

You are One With the Creator 

The angel number 000 meaning is deeply rooted in the idea of the divine Creator. He is present within every aspect of the universe, including you. A connection to the Creator means you're not alone and that you have the support of the universe behind you.

Angel number 000 could mean that your connection to the universe and the Creator have strengthened. Not only does this allow the Creator to view the world through your eyes, but it also allows you to reach your full potential. 

Conclusion: What is Angel Number 000 Telling Me?

When you see your angel number, it's time to enter a calm state. Take the time to meditate, do some yoga, or just relax so you can contemplate what angel number 000 means for you. Now is when you should shift your energy toward the future, not the past.

Most importantly, you should be open to accepting whatever changes the universe is sending your way. Take the lessons and experiences you've collected from the cycle that's just ended and put your foot confidently on the road forward. Don't be fearful of a new path. Instead, embrace it.