Angel Number 0 Meaning, Symbolism and Its Secret

By: Lisa Lindquist // Updated: August 2, 2022  
Angel Number 0

If you’ve been seeing the same number over and over again, you may be wondering if the universe is trying to send you a sign. Well, the universe probably is, so I’m going to tell you what the universe is trying to say! 

Angel numbers appear in our life to encourage us on our path or deter us from making catastrophic mistakes in every aspect of our life. 

It’s important to be aware of the meaning of angel numbers, so you know what to do when your guardians try to communicate with you. I want to talk about an angel number often forgotten but incredibly meaningful: zero!

The angel number 0 has a powerful meaning, and you should not ignore it when it appears in your life. To prepare you for this sign from your guardian angels, I will explain the symbolism, meaning, and more behind the number 0. 

Our guardian angels want us to live our best lives possible, and learning to read and interpret the signs from them can change your life. So keep reading to learn all about the power behind 0. 

Angel Number 0 Meaning and Symbolism

Seeing the number 0 in your daily life is likely a good sign from your angels. The number 0 has many associations with God, love, and completeness, all things you should view as positives. When your guardian angels send you signs like this, it’s crucial to pay attention.

As a symbol, 0 can represent the earth and the completeness of the circle. Like an infinity symbol, a circle is endless and will continue forever. 

There is a sense of comfort you should find in this as it means things are coming together in the right way. The number symbolizes eternity, evolution, and infinity. 

The number 0 powerfully represents the universe as a whole and an all-encompassing plane where everything meets at the beginning and the end. By representing both birth and death, the number connects the two phases and that they are both, simultaneously, a beginning and an ending. 

The significance of 0 can apply to many aspects of your life. The reasons that you may be seeing the angel number 0 can relate to your career, relationships, and much more. Seeing a 0 or multiple 0 usually indicates you are on the correct path and the angels want to encourage you on your way. 

You should interpret these signs as approval from your guardian angels. Whatever you have been doing in your life, you should continue doing it and feel confident. 

One way to interpret the significance of 0 is to connect it with your current life state. The things happening will likely indicate the rest of your life path. For example, you may have finally settled into the correct career, moved to your ideal location, or found your soul mate. 

The soul mate concept is often associated with the number 0 because it implies your twin flame is close. Having your twin flame nearby means a massive shift in your life is about to happen as you meet, essentially, your other half. 

But the most important significance is the support of your angels. For example, if you’re going through a breakup, seeing 0s is a sign from your angels that this is the right choice for you, even if it is hard to go through. 

On the other hand, if you begin a new relationship around the time you notice 0s everywhere, it means the new relationship is a good thing that you should stick with, even if you feel unsure about the future. 

So, seeing the angel number 0 a lot through your daily life, especially repeating 0s like 0000, is cluing you into a new beginning. To give you an idea of what repeating numbers mean, most prevalent in numerology, I’ll mention the most common ones and what they signify.

Seeing two together, 00, often means that your life path is being fulfilled, and angels want to encourage you to continue prospering.

If you see three together, 000, then it signifies you are at the precipes of a new beginning. Three 0s are most associated with twin flame encounters. 

And lastly, 0000 has a strong connection with wealth and abundance, implying you are rapidly approaching great success. 

The meaning to glean from 0 is that your angels want to encourage you and have your back. Angel numbers are how our guardians communicate, even if it is to say we are doing a great job. You are likely getting closer to your divine purpose and following the ideal life path.

So, whether you are about to start a beautiful journey, you’re fulfilling your purpose, or your angels want to embrace you and express their pride, angel number 0 is full of meaning and kindness. 

What Does 0 Mean Spiritually?

The angel number 0 is a powerful numeric in spirituality — from Christianity to Hinduism to Buddhism but with not much of a presence in Judaism. All religions that recognize angel number 0 as an important number believe in a similar meaning relating to completeness and emptiness. 

Biblical Meaning of 0

The first mention of 0 in the Bible is Satan tempting humans into sin. This association is negative, but 0 also sometimes refers to the singularity of God and the fact that there are no others. 

The 0 represents the completeness and wholeness of God, as there are no other gods, and there could never be another one. 

The number 0 represents the finality of God. It is the starting point of the world and also the end. It creates the infinite and eternal presence of God. The angel number 0 sparingly appears in the Bible, speaking to its immense power and exclusivity to God’s position. 

Hindu Meaning of 0

In Hindu culture, the meaning of zero has associations with a void that allows one to understand spiritual concepts and reach a higher state of being. 

Buddhists treat the number similarly, but Hindus refer to zero as shunya, a state which increases your connection with the spiritual plane and rids you of earthly impurities. Spiritual seekers often aim to reach this nirvana-like state. 

Buddhist Meaning of 0

In Buddhism, the number 0 represents emptiness — a void that allows for truth and a spiritual experience. The Buddhist meaning relates to the mathematical concept of 0 that nothing is there to be taken away. 

Buddhists often use the emptiness of 0 to help them meditate and revert to a beginning state where they were purer. They do not view the number as positive or negative exactly but as a fact of life that it all begins as nothing and ends as nothing.

Lack of 0 in Judaism

Interestingly, the number 0 doesn’t appear in Jewish culture. Hebrew numerals begin at one and have no notation for the number 0. There are now modern Hebrew words that indicate the number 0, but this is only to eliminate confusion in today’s world. 

Historically, it seems they did not have any use for the number up until recently.

Angel Number 0 in Love and Relationships

For those that constantly see the number 0 in their life, it means you will begin a new relationship soon. This sign does not mean you will meet someone new, but a current relationship could evolve more. 

The angel number 0 represents a new beginning and kindness, often relating to a new, loving relationship. 

Just as it can mean the beginning, 0 can also mean the end of a relationship. Whether a friendship ends to blossom into a romance or a romance dwindles out, seeing 0 is a good sign from the angels. 

It means that your guardian angel is guiding you down the right path, whether you feel something beginning or ending. 

What Does 0 Mean in Law of Attraction and Manifestation?

If you’ve been praying for something to happen and begging your guardian angels for help on your journey, seeing 0 is a sign they are with you and approve of your current path. 

For example, angel number 5 often appears when a change is near or something will shift. But 0 appears when you are on the right path and need to keep going with a little faith. 

Seeing the number 0 over and over again can be a sign that the things you have aimed to manifest are finally coming to fruition. Sometimes, the number 0 appears to people to combat their fears and keep them moving forward despite roadblocks that aim to deter them. 

The number acts as a sign of reassurance that you are safe in the arms of your guardian angels. 

0 Numerology Meaning

In numerology, 0 has a powerful meaning brimming with spiritual energy. The angel number 0 indicates the path you are on will lead to abundance and success in whatever aspect of your life you desire positivity. 

The number also has a strong connection to your ancestors, implying both your ancestors and guardian angels are proud of your current journey. 

The more 0s you see together, the stronger the meaning is in numerology. The more zeros, the more positively you should interpret the sign. Times like 10:00, for example, imply your life is going well, and you should encourage yourself to continue your journey. 

Often in numerology, 0s will appear during a tumultuous moment. During hard times, the number 0 is a sign of reassurance. 

If you feel your progress slipping or feel defeated, the appearance of the number 0 can be a sign from your guardians to trust the process and assure you to continue on this mission.

What Does 0 Mean for Twin Flames 

Twin flames are a complicated concept that can be both magical and chaotic. A twin flame refers to the other half of your soul. 

It stems from the myth that humans were four-legged, four-armed creatures split apart, doomed to search the world for their other half. This myth appears in many religions and ideologies, and people use this concept to explain intense and passionate attractions to people.

Twin flames are immediately drawn to one another when they meet and form a close bond quickly. However, these relationships can be quite hectic, with intense waves of love followed by chaos and hard times. 

Not everyone winds up with their twin flame, but many believe it is a cosmic, spiritual opportunity from the universe. Your angels want to guide you towards your twin flame and often do so with the number 0.

Seeing the number 0 can mean your twin flame is near, and you need to take the opportunity to connect with them. Their personality is essentially a reflection of yours, both the good and the bad.

It is seen as a gift from God when your angels lead you to your twin flame, as many do not find theirs in their lifetime.

Twin flames are meant to complete us, so we feel whole again. Having someone that understands your emotions completely and can connect with you is a blessing only offered to some by the angels. 

Seeing a 0 many times throughout the day or seeing repetitions of zeros over and over again means you will likely meet your twin flame soon and should appreciate the opportunity. 

The angel number 0 doesn’t just alert you to your twin flame’s proximity, but its purpose is to encourage you to take a chance rather than let this relationship pass you by. This concept plays into the finiteness represented in 0, as you complete yourself by finding this twin flame. 

Angel Number 0: Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is a famous medium that has published many books explaining the meanings behind angel numbers and how our guardian angels try to communicate with us. Her view on the meaning of angel number 0 is similar to the meaning discussed above. 

She believes the number 0 represents God’s complete compassion and kindness for us. She says the number appears as a sign from God that we have his support and love no matter the situation.